Another OC fired: Canada fired

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He is not good. But if they think Pickett is the answer?

Good luck.

Not my, or our problem.


Probiotics and a low carb diet usually helps fix that problem.


My phone hasnt stopped buzzing for the last 30 minutes w all my family group and my boys group txt messages blowing up celebrating…christmas cMe early for steeler fans…but they srill got pickett…


Scary thing is theyre gonna ride with him for probably 2 more years

Poor, Tomlin.

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Justin Fields could make the Steelers an interesting team. I think they would embrace the play defense and run the ball approach.

Fields is not a throwing QB. I think he has proven that. He is best when using the threat of the run to set up the throw. It widens throwing lanes and creates a ton of space for him. He isn’t great at reading a defense and isn’t a tight window thrower.

He is incredibly dangerous with his legs and when that is working it creates room to throw. I think he would do well in Pittsburgh. .


Blame Canada! Blame Canada!
With their beady little eyes, and their hearts full of lies.


Beat me to it. :slight_smile:

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You gotta be quicker than that, buddy.

But I’m handicapped by my beady little eyes and my heart full of lies. :man_shrugging:

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Oh man @stephenboyd57 what, oh what did you do.

Surprised What Did You Do GIF

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In defense of steeler fans…canada hasnt been good long before pickett. Ben disliked him for years ans asked tomlin to fire him and tomlin refused…


This is proof that while Tomlin is great, he’s no Dan Campbell.

I’m not your buddy, pal…


Pickett and their 2024 1st for Fields?

Not sure where to start w that deal…

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SCTV really was ahead of its time!