Any big plans tonight?

Pretty stoked about tonight.

Spending the evening with my Oregon State-bound teenager, who somehow became an avid Philly fan. The last year has wreaked havoc on us, as he’s split between two households with an immune compromised half-brother (and my wife is a pulmonary NP working almost exclusively with COVID patients, so we’ve had to be particularly careful). In sum, I’ve barely seen him for an entire year.

Anyway, this will be the first time in a while we’ve been able to just sit down and be guys and watch sports together.

Anyone else with big plans tonight?


Meeting up with a few buds for beer and the Draft.

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I was going to head down the road and watch the draft at a bar at the pier, but then it hit me that the draft isn’t going to start until late AF. Its not worth it to be leaving at 11pm or whatever it will be to have to then drive home. So I’ve decided to watch it from the house and order in wings.

My wife is out of town.


Thankfully life is getting back to normal, whatever that is. Going to a bar to see live music,old friend that I used to bartend to and his group. Haven’t seen any live music in well over a year after going at least 2 or 3x a month. I am picking up the other Lions fan in Iowa, so at least when they make their pick I’ll be with a brother.


Just me, 12pk of Yangling, my 65" TV and couple of dubes. …


I’m going to have my whole setup with TV and computers with big boards and everything. I’m ready. Going all in.


Are they related?


Never really watched the draft with others, that’s more a Super Bowl, College football playoff, World Series thing for me so I’ll be sitting here in front of the big screen sweating my balls off until the Lions pick.

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Just trying to figure out what wine to open. Leaning towards this.

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Ah, the draft and some drafts.

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They come from the same family “tree”.

I forgot, was this the NFL draft of the Westminster Dog Show?

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Forget Jon, talk to Joey Strawberries.

I’m going out with the wifey for an early Japanese Hibachi meal to make the time go by faster, then home by 7:59…


You may be onto something. Why is there a puppy bowl but no puppy draft?


Please no… my wife already makes me waste too many precious minutes of my life watching BOTH Kitten Bowl and Puppy Bowl… I guess it’s a small price to pay to be left to absorb the entire draft without complaint… (Maybe…)

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Heading to Creature Comforts brewery anniversary party day 1.
Concurrence #8 is on the to buy list, as many as they allow.
Repeat tomorrow.
Repeat Saturday.

Thor’s favorite brewery. LOL

Hibachi grills are so much fun. Miss going out to dinner but the wife is still worried about our little guy.

I was going to get a nice Belgian or even just some Kraft Pilsner for tonight but one of my distributors has a close out on that wine. Nearly half price. Will go quick. I need to taste it to know if I should buy a case. Then I just give it to friend’s, clients, acquaintances throughout the year.

Buy a $60 bottle (in a bottle shop) for $22 and give it out to make people forget all the obnoxious things I’ve said and done. That’s my M.O.

Nice free booze is like that memory deleting stick in Men In Black.

can’t enjoy games or the drafts at bars , I’m trying to hear what the F is going on and there’s all this jibber jabber or loud music , or annoying liquid hero’s blabbling on in my ear…I would much rather be at home relaxing, get some quality chow or snacks, and watch my TV in peace and hear and see it all unfold, writing down-who the F we drafted.


Completely agree Wolf! It’s the same issue I have with large super bowl parties, hardcore nfl fans aren’t looking to talk about the commercials all night and the upcoming halftime show, lol. We are trying to focus on the friggin game. Same goes for the draft, one of my biggest pet peeves is watching the draft with people who haven’t watched or followed college football at all and then think they are experts on each pick coming in because they watched a 5 minute youtube video moments before the draft started, smh

I really hope we trade down to make the 1st round a bit more exciting and intriguing. Otherwise, we pick at 7, and then it’s basically done for the nite and wait until tomorrow.


So NFL is giving teams ten minutes to pick and it starts at 5PST

That means the Lions might draft or trade down at 6:20 if every team takes their full allotted times. Assuming the first two picks only use a fraction of their time, we can estimate that the Lions will be on the clock around 6:12

Meaning the network will cut to their first commercials at approximately 6:12 and 30 seconds for a five minute block of commercials, so we will know who the Lions picked just in time for the commentators to begin speculation on whom Carolina will pick