Any New Uniform leaks?

When Lions unveiled their most recent Logo, some astute Lions fan found it first on the NFL Store on a toy truck. Anyone hear any rumors on the new uniform unveiling this time around?

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And just like that I get my answer

It’s in another thread somewhere.

Interesting they would have Mike Diser lead! Is he not a cap guy? I thought he was going to take job with carolina

According to the report.

  • Continued use of Honolulu Blue and Silver with a twist
  • NO MORE WCF PATCH! Will be honored in another way.
  • 4 Different pants options (odds are Blue, white, Silver and TBD (black?))

I believe I heard April 18th is the big day!


WCF codpiece.


I hear there’s a tail…



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Maybe see through to show our big balls

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My guess is blue, white, grey with a stripe and throwback

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Exclusive on here a while back

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If it’s not lime green and electric magenta for a new color scheme I’m flipping tables.

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So we got confirmation the logo won’t change. Which is a bit of a disappointment because I preferred the alt helmet and was hoping it’d become permanent.

The black draft hat is not exactly thinly veiled. I’m guessing black will play a big role either with the helmets or jerseys themselves. Remember Dan played in those unis and could very well have had a hand in this—team uniforms are not purely a marketing invention.

My problem is although I’m sure we’ll adjust, I’ve never felt black fit. But maybe they’ll have a cool take on it like black matte helmets or something that doesn’t remind us of that ungodly era.

This could be perceived as black and silver replacing the silver and blue, or the year of the eclipse. Who knows. What I can tell you is designers do not ■■■■ do these without intent. There’s a message here.

This is just the design for all teams draft hats. All the teams have one like this.


Well ■■■■. So much for that.

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Looks like Houston fans hate their new uniforms lol I hate the all white socks look

I would be so disappointed if our uniforms look like they could have been designed in a day yet we waited for Nike to put together in 2 years.

I don’t mind the colors, but the design makes them look like an XFL team

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Tennessee just needs too give the naming rights of the Oilers back to Houston.

I just know it’s gonna be so awesome!

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