Anybody in the mood for Bijan mustard?

Watching these two elite offenses in the SB go head to head like two heavyweights rendering these two good defenses helpless got me thinking…Yep, give me that elite offense.
Bijan is the guy. elite elusiveness, high end speed, elite vision, power, can catch out of the backfield, really high character kid (watch his interviews, special young man).

Give me that Bijan at 6 or at 18, don’t care which one. We have 4 other high picks to address defense. Whoever is with me, post in my thread. Whoever isn’t? You can post but then, get out :wink:


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Sorry boss not with you. But that’s only because I’m sticking with my “current” personal draft until I see some FA moves and combine.

I’m in no way knocking the big man from AZ.


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You realize the score was exactly the same as our first game of the season against the Eagles?
Only this time, they lost by 3.
We have that “elite offense”.
Our defense sucked ass the first 7 games+.
So did both of those Super Bowl defenses.


I felt this way for a while. But the value proposition does give me pause. The way running back has been deemphasized in the league it’s almost like picking a tight end in the first round.

Unless they are immediately elite, And I do suspect Bijan has that potential, their salary structure will be skewed and make it hard to keep on a second contract (ala Hock)

I have grown more interested in my mocks in taking someone like Roschon Jobnson in the third round. But if we do snag Bijon, I will be excited to watch him in the Honolulu Blue


Agreed @NYLion59! Adding a real dynamic runner with the ability to hit the holes hard, elude and break tackles only helps take our offense to the elite class.
An elite offense with a top 15 D is achievable with Bijan and 3 studs in the draft as well as adding at least one highend CB thru FA


So two offenses that spend pennies on running backs inspire you to want to spend a fortune on one?


Agreed on your reservations but I see Bijan as a special breed. I normally wouldn’t even consider RB in the 1st unless there was somebody special available and I think Bijan fits that category both on and off the field.

In saying this, I’m also aware that this might just be a 5 year investment as a 2nd contract to a RB is generally a poor investment but a competitive window in the NFL is rarely longer than 5 years anyway unless you have Brady/Mahomes so go get who you think will be the best player for the next 5 years and that I think is Bijan at 6 unless one of the elite prospect fall. I can understand the skepticism though, I just want that dynamic game changer.


Maybe 18. He should still be there.
Merriweather at 6 and Robinson at 18 would be a great start.

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The Lions don’t have a Mahomes or Hurts so they need to compensate elsewhere to complete the offense IMO. I want Goff to have his Gurley Part two to really get this offense to cook. The offense struggled on the road at times because the running game was shut down.

I also believe in BPA so I’d rather not limit the Lions to a need by reaching for a lower rated simply because it’s a need. I’m just not enamored enough with any of the CBs, LBs or DTs to be comfortable with taking them at 6 so, to me, Bijan is BPA at 6 unless Young, Carter or Anderson falls.


If he slid to #18, it would become very tempting. I wouldn’t draft him at #6. Imagine what Robinson could do behind the Lions O-line, would really help Goff out as well, who excels off play action.


I’m BPA as well but I absolutely factor positional value into the “best” part. Everyone does to a degree, it’s why we don’t draft kickers in the top 10. The only difference is degrees assigned to each position. I have RB very low, others don’t. That’s fine, to each his own. But it’s why PFF has him 27th in their top 100 despite having him 5th overall as a sheer talent.

What I learned from those teams last night is you need a good running game, but not a good running back. Or at least not an expensive running back. And a good running game is on the OL. Both teams had very good OL and so do we. I think we could draft a guy in the 3-5th round and lead the entire league in rushing anyway.


I completely agree with you. One thing though that does draw me to Bijon, is his advanced catching skill. Texas had him running every route including downfield and he showed that he has those chops

That kind a dual threat guy could be reminiscent of Deebo in our offense


That’s a good argument against taking a RB early that the Lions are developing the type of system where most RBs can be effective like what Philly is building. The one difference is that Philly has that dynamic playmaker at QB which adds another dynamic and problems for a defense while the Lions really don’t.

What I really like Bijan is his overall threat as runner and pass catcher sort of like an Alvin Kamara. Adding a guy like him gives the defense problems all over the field. Who do you cover? How do you stop the running game? If the Lions draft this kid, shore up the guard spot and re-sign Chark this offense is set for a few years.

I get your argument though, lots of valid points.


Yeah I’d love to add a guy like Kamara… in the 3rd round like the Saints did. And I think we can this year.


I’m taking Tyler Goodson off the Packer PS once the season starts.

Eh, why bother, we have Swift.

I think Bijan would have the biggest impact in the 2023 season of anyone we could select at 18 and maybe even 6. That doesn’t necessarily mean he should be the pick because of positional value, but I am very confident on that statement.

Right now I am leaning no Bijan at 6, but I would at 18. If we traded down from 6 to the early teens and got some extra draft capital I’d consider him there depending on the board.

No bijan for me. Would rather get a “lesser” rb in the 2nd or later rounds.

  1. Qb’s in the game were elite. The running backs were average.
  2. This draft is insanely deep at running back.
  3. Bijan, no matter how amazing he is, makes zero cents. Given the value and the depth at the position.
  4. too narrow of a focus.