Anyone else on the don't draft a QB bandwagon?

This year, this offseason, I don’t love any 'Draft ’ QB’s as they all have their list of concerns.
I am more worried about our defense than anything else, It MUST get better by getting more playmakers there. and the Offense needs a few touch up’s. This brings me to Stafford.

This season he’s not starting out with anywhere near as bad health issues with his back and this year he’s not comming off the field , he will play all season.

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While i agree the Defense does need help. I am not against Drafting a QB. If we learned anything this year, Stafford is not going to last forever and it is never too early to start prepping the next guy. Now i do not want a 1st round guy, but day 2 is wide open. In fact if the Lions can get another 2nd round pick by trading back in the first round, it might work out pretty good for them.

Why aren’t our scouts searching grocery stores around the country for the next Kurt Warner? I’d be okay with that.

It would be completely absurd to draft a severely (often) injured QB #3 overall when you already have a top 10 QB in his prime on the roster.

People are playing up the broken bones in his back the last 2 years but he didn’t miss a game in 2018 and could have played this season after sitting out 4 games. If you remember he wanted to play. Because they sucked and were out of it they IR’d him.

People were saying the same thing after his first two years in the league when he suffered the same injury to his shoulder.

The bottom line is he has another 7-8-9 years left in the tank if he chooses to play. He sounds like a guy who will fight to the bitter end to keep on playing. He’s definitely the type to play into his 40’s.

The odds that Tua will be a better QB than Stafford are extremely low.

Oh…and Mike Valente is an idiot troll. It’s pretty obvious that he is influencing a lot of posters in here with his anti-Lions act.


I want a QB just not at 3 and certainly not Tua!

Prefer a free agent or a mid rd guy but that’s just me!

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we have a capable backup already and a vet poised to return on a healthier basis. the "Stafford isn’t going to last forever has no bearing on 2020 , I can see him playing next to 40 years old:

Burrows had dang near a perfect setup in college that he won’t have in Detroit and he won’t produce anything like he did there —here in Detroit.

Tua has already had a dislocated hip that can happen again at ANY time behind our O-line, not to mention the high - ankle sprain before to that can reoccur…

Herbert: has completion concerns where he didn’t reach 60% in 2018 and he needs work and focuses on one area of the field too much sometimes.

Jordan Love: his vision sucks and he stares down his targets and also had like 4th and 5th -round grades…he can also throw double-digit INT’s during certain seasons.

me ? I put it off until next years draft. se who and what is in it, instead. not lock on to this draft as THEE " must draft a QB " draft. BUT who knows what the heck Quinn will do…he isn’t shy of taking chances.

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let me clarify * Stafford I know has a window now , he is 31 and ‘could’ play feasibly until he’s 40. OR move on or retire beforehand. I have never seen that man willingly come off the field by his own terms until 2019 when Matt thought he better address the back then. In 2020?? he’s playing and, he’ll play a few years after. It took 10 {YEARS} to make him say “ya know what? this time…I think I better get this issue looked at.” and did not play a full season under a decision of his own. I say his own, because he chose to stay in a gut out the injuries and pain many times before and refused to quit, this was different. He didn’t play all of 2019 and I know that bothered him. So your going to have to force him off this season or next IMO. Matt knows he that timeline now…where he knows the days as a NFL QB are numbered, so he won’t stop at f_cking all until HE see’s fit next time. my point is I am not against taking a QB , BUT I am not liking these groups this draft.

It has to be done, choose his heir apparent But I don’t see anyone right now I’d say YES he is it and I am confident in that !

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Oh, I’ll take that bet.

I’ve never seen a QB more set up to absolutely not play until he’s 40.

He has more road miles on his arm and body, and more hits taken, than the vast, vast majority of QBs his age, since he began starting in the NFL at such and early age.

And now he has recurring back issues. He’d be better off with a knee or shoulder problem.

I said, he can/could call it quits before 40, I think he’s playing to around 35 give or take. Stafford is a tough SOB he had injuries ti his throwing hand and did not quit. (before) , NOW his back has been dealt with by the team medical staff and likely Matt’s own personal physician at home as well. My mom has had back issues and I bet they sent her 30 times to go get shit done. If I know Kelly she’s going to push him to go to the DR (even though) our own team medical staff have also worked on his back. I am not close to worried about it. and let me tell you Stafford looked determined and was balling before he stopped playing in 2019. It was like he was another level , but our defense…crashed all the way down no matter how hard our offense tried. But Matt does not quit. like I said , he will call HIS days as a QB…but it won’t be immediate.

I really like the idea of Bryce Perkins late day three.

In a draft like this, which is unique to Detroit, where as they are in the driver’s seat. If Wash trades with Miami, Young falls to us. If not, and Miami cheaps out, then hell, draft Tua (if cleared). Then say, on you want Tua? Now it’ll cost you. If not, QB for the future, Stafford in the present.

Nope. It matters “who” the QB is. Yes to Burrow, No to Tua. A soft no on Herbert, but I could be swayed.

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Well i for one never said this was a must draft QB. In fact i have been calling for the Lions to get a guy to groom for the position for a couple of years. IMO, the best QBs are the ones that have time on the bench before they are required to play. Let them earn it and not be forced to play early.

Unless Tua or Herbert fall to the 3rd round. Then, you have to.
We have too many holes to fill and would have a hard time justifying it, even in the 3rd.
You look at the better teams in the league and they are solid in the trenches. The 9’ers we’re just waiting for a QB and a HC.
Build this team. The right way. Hopefully we won’t waste the next QB’s talent.

Nope - we have Matt and our 2 back ups both have experience in the scheme and both have at least started three reg season games this last yr.

I’m fine starting the yr out with what we already have.

I’m on the don’t draft a QB boat, in the first round anyways, for the same reasons you mention. Tua’s injury scares me in terms of his long term prospects, even if he gets the green light. Herbert seems unproven at best as a passer.

Finally, might be a bit early for that big of an investment at QB - I hope they finally put some players around Stafford and he plays until 40 something.

Those backups are subpar
I’d highly prefer adding, at least, a legit developmental prospect

I’m posting this link to simply show some dude works stats in this.

That 36 yr olds seems to be the age most QB decline …,

We have a six yr window with a healthy MS… we have 4-5 yrs to look at all QBs coming up from HS up and find who we want if we are truly looking long term.

Matt isn’t going anywhere if healthy

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lol no LKA , I made the comment “this isn’t a must draft QB” THIS offseason anyways because of all the QB chatter, it was in no way a hit at you. your a damn good poster in my eyes.

I shy away from Burrows bc he had a lot helping him in college that I highly doubt he’ll have here.

I shy away from Tua bc I think he’s the most likely to be injured many times and not always playing due to his past medical concerns.

I shy away from Herbert bc there were times he didn’t reach even 60% pass completion AND he would focus on one area of the field reports said and so I worry about his field vision to.

Love has worse field vision yet and stares down his targets…pass.