Anyone you want off the Panthers?

When my internet starts loading I’ll link the tweet that says they’re about to go into a complete fire sale.

I’d easily throw our 2nd for Brian Burns.


Good pieces on that defense issue is we gonna have to fight other teams

good thing is we have the ammo to do so

Unless you’re fighting the Texans, the Lions picks are going to be viewed as higher value. They just suck
More currently.

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i want burns so bad if hes avalible

issue is everyone is gonna want him

bro is easily a all pro DE

Here you go.

Intersting thing abount carolina

They have their first and seconds

Its more they have no late round picks for depth pieces

They have no reason to blow it up. People are just speculating like they always do. Alot of their best talent isn’t even on a 2nd contract yet. I think the only major player that could become available is Christian McAffrey.


This is more about Glazer saying what other teams hope than what the Panthers have said.

Just for clarity’s sake.


I think you’re right. I’d still make a phone call if I’m Holmes. Burns, Henderson or horn would make nice additions for the right price. Stranger things have happened in the nfl.

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Now that Matt Rhule was fired id look at a few on that defense.

I just read online that Buffalo has contacted Carolina about the availability of McCaffrey. Can you imagine him on that team. Yikes.

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Hock for Burns? :thinking:

Issue for Buffalo isnt their running backs tbh, but more so their Run Blocking

its been show to be a bit below average for sure tbh

Singeltary is a solid back

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I so wanted Burns in the draft!!! He wasn’t the typical big lumbering ass linebacker the Quinn and Patricia had a fetish for.


I like singletary but mccaffrey is on a whole another level.

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And burns has shown at the NFL level that you can’t just bowl him over in the run game. He’s not the pushover people speculated he might be in that area.


I’d call and see what the panthers want for burns and add Julian okwara to the package. At this point I don’t see okwara becoming a player for this team. If you haven’t shown it by now you’re not going to.

Yeah but McCaffrey has Swift syndrome.

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Burns is easily one that might be moved, he’s due $16M next year and will garner a huge contract.

I’d rather have Brown, two cheap years

But I would consider trading picks for either player. Our pass rush is atrocious. Either player would really help our D.


Donte Jackson intrigues me. We’d be paying a bit more than I’d like in '23 and '24 for a a merely decent (but supremely talented corner), but his contract is structured in a way that I believe we could fit him in this year with ease. I also think he’d he pretty cheap draft pick compensation wise.

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