ARob to the Rams

The rich get richer……

Per Rotoworld

Rams signed Allen Robinson, formerly of the Bears.

Depending on the details of Robinson’s deal with LA, this could end speculation that Odell Beckham will return to the Rams in 2022 after suffering an ACL tear in the Super Bowl. Robinson alongside Cooper Kupp and a healthy Robert Woods would make for quite the receiver trio, perhaps the best in the league. A-Rob’s horrific 2021 season – in which the Bears coaching staff seemed uninterested in using him – might make it easy to forget his 2020 campaign, in which he went for 1,250 yards and six touchdowns on 102 catches.


Vet wanting to go to a championship caliber team. Nobody should be surprised by this.


Holmes sucks!!!

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3 year

$46 million

$30 guaranteed

2x15 means he wanted a contender

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The number was over 20, similar to Williams request, for anyone not contending. Oh well. :man_shrugging:t2:

Houston called him and apparently he said 30 a year.:joy:

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I’m not smart cap wise.

This is a high price tag overall?

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Get ready for another draft pick in the 30s.


Wow I love it. If he wasn’t gonna be a Lion, glad he’s a Ram! Get another #9


Allen Robinson will have one the best years of his career.


lol, of course he did. God it sucks being a Lions fan, not in the sense that I wanted the Lions to sign him but that he took far less money to sign at a place where they already have an embarassment of riches and that’ll probably sewer the Lions draft position again.

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How in the heck to they make salary cap room for him?

I suppose a new stafford deal, von miller and OBJ leaving made some room… but geez.

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Of course the Rams would get him. I would think this signals the end for Robert Woods or Van Jefferson in LA, but I could be wrong. They drafted Tutu Atwell in the 2nd last year so at this point he would be their #5.

Dude wants a Staffy ring.

Is there a chance this signing makes our draft pick from the Rams worse next year? And some of y’all love it. The moment you start cheering for things like this even though it hurts the Lions means you are more of a Rams fan than a Lions fan. So disgusting.


No offense, but you can get just of a good of a player at #27 as you can get at #32. I agree with you on a lot of things, but I find this silly.

This has got to mean no more OBJ. And my guess is they move on from Van Jefferson, who was pretty painful to watch during the playoffs.

But good god.


As long as they can protect Matt’s blindside, a frighteningly good offense just got better.


Yeah maybe you can, but let’s say Holmes loves a guy, tries to move up for him, is unable to and dude gets drafted a couple slots higher than our pick. I just want Holmes to have as many assets as he needs to get the guys he truly wants and this move may prevent us from getting one.