ARSB is the player that makes this offense hum

Without ARSB, this offense is lost. He’s the only WR we have that can get open in a phone-booth, that can keep drives alive, and that Goff trusts.

I think ARSB came into his own the last 6 games of last season and this is when we just happened to win 3 out of the last 6 games and one out of the first 2 games this year. With ARSB out or playing injured, we lose and the offense goes from the #1 scoring offense to 6 points in two games.

If we can feed ARSB the ball 8-9 times a game, our offense is really good. If not, our offense blows.
Swift is important too but ARSB is the one player that makes this offense hum. ARSB is to Goff as to Kupp is to Stafford in LA.

Hopefully he’s back in a few weeks and is 100% healthy.


If only the Refs didn’t kick him out of the game without having a concussion. That was really helpful for us! Now he’s the 1st man in history under concussion protocol without having a concussion! He will probably fail it and be out this week.


He didn’t suffer a concussion?
I just assumed he had one after getting up and shaking his head like he had tweety birds flying around it.

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Goff, ARSB, Swift, Reynolds, Kennedy, Hock, Wright, JWill…
That’s formidable if the Line is doing what we’ve seen them do. Take away two or three of them, things aren’t going be the same.
Seems fairly straightforward and easy to understand.
Lashing out at coaches and players that are all in, in a way that we can only fantasize about, seems childish and petty.
Just my opinion. The finger is pointed at me, probably more than at any of you.
You know they say, ‘it’s what you see of you in others that bugs you’.
Why the hell would I be that invested? Why would I be that self centered?
We have guys like Ragnow, ASRB, JRey, trying to be out their for us, and we huff and puff and stomp our feet…and a lot worse, verbally.
I’m ashamed of myself. I lean on being a natural born asshole, too much, sometimes.
Sorry guys.


Dont worry, the refs will visit Lions practice the Wednesday before Turkey Day and put our whole OL in concussion protocol, and then the waterboy just for good measure.


Haha the Bills don’t need any help… they got the best offense and best defense in the nfl

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Yeah, imagine Josh Allen without Singletary, Diggs, Gabe Davis, Dawson Knox, and a few of his O-linemen and then let’s see how good that offense is.


He’s definitely the engine

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Or, do they? I’d put our starters (on offense) up against theirs healthy, any day, and like my chances.
That’s that thing that makes me lose my mind. You see the potential, and then, it’s gone.
Nothing more than, “what could have been”?
You just wait till next year, though.:rofl:


National Football League GIF by Buffalo Bills

There’s no way our offense comes even close to theirs. Just the suggestion of that comes from a deep rooted special place of homerism.

Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs…that trumps everything we got right there.


One extreme to the other.
:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: High there.
Two guys nullify all of our weapons, and starting Oline?
That’s some exceptional anger you have going on there. Maybe you should be talking to Natty?
We can argue forever, but, my point will remain the same. Read it in context with what I’ve been saying.
“We will never know.” Will we?

Haha I love Natty!!!

But seriously…

Allen>>>Goff this gap is enormous
Digg>>ARSB this gap isn’t quite as big but it’s still really big

Does Buffalo have a weak offensive line? I want to say it’s pretty solid no? But yeah ours is better

Backfield is a wash. If swift doesn’t play, he doesn’t count.

Gabe Davis is breaking out. He might be a star. He is significantly better than any #2 we have.

Hock is a major disappointment. I’ll say the TE position is a wash.

So did assess anything wrong? If not, how was my Allen/Diggs comment wrong? Just because you see a lot of potential in what we have doesn’t make it reality. I see potential too. But aside from ARSB…all of it is just a fantasy at this point.

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Any given Sunday.

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I’m gonna be there and rooting hard for the Lions! It’s going to be fun regardless of outcome!

Bro, if both teams had their starting offenses, our offense beats theirs, statwise, at home.
We have pretty much the exact same thoughts on the defense. You’ll have to argue with someone else about that.:rofl:

I mean, we went toe to toe with the Eagles, and, right now, they’re the best in the NFL.
I dare say, if we had any defense at all, we could have won that game.
Yes, or, if Goff hadn’t thrown the pick. I called him on it after the game.

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What, the Lions getting screwed by a new rule first? And against the Cowboys?
Well, color me shocked! Shocked, I tell you!


Like I keep saying. “We’ll never know”, will we?
You can say how much better they are, but, thats proven on the field. Not in forums.
Our guys are injured.
It’s an unprovable argument, both ways. Both points of view are based 100% on opinion.
I’ve already admitted to being an asshole.