ARSB is the player that makes this offense hum

I decided to go much more simple lol

OL ?


Going off of #'s after the injury bug.

“That got me just about as evil as an eskimo boy can be
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Nanook rubs it - Frank Zappa
Heavy emphasis on, "circular motion ".

Best QB in the NFL!!


Never said he wasn’t.
Goff beat Mahomes when he was “the best in the NFL”.
Any given Sunday.

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I do think Goff’s pretty good when he has weapons…I wish we could get healthy for once.


That’s all I’m saying. But, “we’ll never know, what could have been”.
Goffs starters have been dropping like flies since game 2, and he’s not likely to have his full compliment any time soon.
He didn’t suck the first 4 games.
I’ve been pretty consistent talking about the "Paper Lions ".
Anyway, that’s my opinion. I’m just a little more of an optimist than some.
Who’d have guessed?:rofl:


As long as I’m at it. I going to beat the hide off this horse until I hit bone.
Matt Stafford, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady (and they’re just the easy ones), all having down seasons with less than the their best team around them.
Funny how that works, everywhere!
Is Jalen Hurtz the reason the Eagles are the best team in the NFL? Or, are they a very healthy TEAM?

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I wonder what grade you’d be giving Allen if he didn’t have half his offense like we do here?..probably not an A+, I’d imagine.

Through the first 4 games, JG was better than a C+. It’s obvious you don’t like him though so your grading can’t be taken seriously anyways.

You don’t judge a player solely on when everything’s good. Especially a QB who isn’t off the charts talented like Allen is. Even through 4 games when they put up huge numbers, Goff wasn’t an A. He didn’t put up huge numbers and he still didn’t throw the ball down field. He was managing the game like he always does.

Goff is what he is, a solid NFL starter. B+ When his offense is loaded and a D- when he has very few weapons. So what exactly is wrong with the C+ rating? Are you trying to say he’s better than a B+ ever? And are you arguing he’s better than a D- when things are bad?

But you are right, I don’t like him. You May think it’s smart to pay a solid NFL starter ~15% of your cap. But history shows you are wrong, pretty much every time.

Seriously what tool or attribute would you question Josh Allen doesn’t have? He is probably an A+ across the board in every category aside from accuracy and he’s still pretty darn accurate. He’s even an A or better when it comes to intangibles. Goff is really accurate in short to intermediate routes…shocker, most QBs are. He doesn’t have A arm strength, probably has C mobility, and his intangibles Are far from what you want from a QB.

I’m seriously curious why some believe this guy is close to top 10. Or why some believe he might be worthy of an extension. What skills does he have to warrant franchise QB?


I may quibble with or one or two grades overall I would agree.
Biggest change I would make, is Det TE a B or B-

The original topic got a little derailed, but here’s my take- we need ARSB and J Reynolds both healthy for this O to really click. ARSB is the star, sure, but Goff (and thus the whole O) plays better with a healthy J Reynolds on the field. It wasn’t until he really started contributing last year that the offense started clicking.

The third WR doesn’t matter- though Jamo will be a huge upgrade. It’s those two together that make the O click.

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I think ARSB is extremely valuable to a QB like Goff. He is a stud in the short area and Goffs security blanket. But he isn’t even close to the threat that Swift is. Swift changed everything when he’s on the field and the guy has a nose for the end zone. Even when he has limited touches he scores TDs. That’s why it’s so hilarious to me that Jamaal Williams is just guaranteed to get the goal line work. I promise swift scores more times per touch if given the same opportunities down there as Jamaal.

Swift has the most influence on this offense potentially being top 5 than ARSB. Jamo has the potential to be more influential than both of them.

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Yeah Swift makes a huge impact. But the O worked without him last year, and I think it can do the same this year. But you are right that he’s a huge difference make compared to the other RBs… if he can stay healthy.

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I think they give JWill the goal line carries to lighten the beating on SWIFT.

Then winning isn’t the priority. Settle for more FGs…swift is gonna get hurt and miss games it’s almost a certainty at this point. Score TDs and win games when he’s there. Because we aren’t the same if he’s not.

I don’t think the drop off between Swift and JWill at the goal line is as significant as you’re making it. Also, I would say you’re right, winning is not the ultimate priority right now. Yes, it would be good to win, but if you lose Swift permanently, is it worth it? He’s been out recently at least partially due to a shoulder injury. For a meaningless touchdown in the middle of another quagmire of a season? If it’s a playoff game or the Super Bowl, yeah, put Swift in at the GL. For this year, I’m perfectly content, slamming Jamal into a goal line situation.

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Swift is a home-run threat any time he gets the ball but that’s not what makes this offense go, ASRB does. We won 3 out of the last 6 games at the end of last season, Swift played in one of them. This year without ASRB, we went from the #1 scoring offense to 6 points in two games.
Jamaal is our short-yardage guy, I’m not sure why there’s so much hate and confusion as to why we wouldn’t give the ball to Swift near the goal-line. Swift is already made of paper and you want to give him the ball near the goal-line, not smart.

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Eh, they said Tua didn’t have a concussion either, when he collapsed on the field. My faith in NFL docs and concussions is about zero. In fact, my faith in all doctors and concussions is about zero. I mean in the middle ages they used to believe bloodletting was good for you. I don’t think in 2022 we’re much beyond that with concussions. Take him out.


I just don’t buy anything they are selling…they don’t give 2 shits about player safety.

$$$ and league image is all that matters.


Yeah, I agree. I used to work with doctors and their knowledge of concussions (they called it TBI) when I designed military vehicles though. They used things like celery sticks to simulate your brain stem when we did blast testing. I mean they’re trying but they really are clueless.

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