As a human being

It’s really hard not to like Kirk Cousins.


Cousins IS a great guy on a personal level.

He’s also a great QB except in primetime.


I really enjoyed seeing Kirk and his family on Netflix’s Quarterback. Really admire the man he is and his wife is a great woman.


He can be really efficient. Certainly helps to have the best WR in the game. I mean, it’s astonishing how JJ gets wide open and running free in every single matchup he faces. I don’t know where Kirk would be without him.

Throwing for big yards every year like he was with Thielen, or Diggs…JJ isnt “making” Kirky, cmon now…

Dude is #25 all time in yards and #20 all time in TDs with some tread left


Have to disagree my man, without JJ I think he’d be pretty much toast. Not only for his production but the attention he draws from opposing defenses. I shudder to think of Kirk Cousins in 2023 without him.

Ok. I guess we will really find out when he sets up shop in HoodieVille next year


Nah. Kirk is a really talented thrower of the football. Ball placement, anticipation, soft touch, tight spirals. He’s really good at football. He’s just not a GREAT QB. But he’s very, very good. The primetime thing is too big of a sample size to ignore. Not sure what to make of that tbh.


Cousins is who he is. He’s a fine QB. You can win with him. But can he win this year without the best receiver in the game. It would be ugly.

But yeah, can totally see him in NE. Would be the same outcome, I suspect. He needs a solid OL and some top receivers. He can sling it, no doubt.

No it wouldn’t. Go look at the end of his Washington career.

This is exactly it. He’s not going to be the guy when facing tough teams when it matters. He needs JJ and more.

I mean, who hasn’t seen Jefferson absolutely running wide open game in and game out. It’s amazing.

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B-but, he’s a “Sparty”. :speak_no_evil:

He’s 35 years old, man. Not trying to take anything away from him. He’s got a good resume and is a fine QB. But he’s not long for the league IMHO. If and when the Vikings need to blow it up again, what team is going to take on a 36 year old Cousins except as a placeholder for a rookie draft pick?

He is likeable as a person.

But he does fall into the good-very good QB ranking. He is good enough to help a good team win, but not so good as to carry a team that has many warts. No shame in that, but too often fans expect QBs to be able to lead a team to victory despite its deficiencies.

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Beautiful family

Cousins is a pretty good dude on and off the field . Unfortunately he gets dogged by everyone. Honestly i thought he would’ve been a back up in nfl.

Cousins has the same problem Stafford had when he was here.
Two Super Stars eating up the cap and not enough help anywhere else.

I always wondered why the Redskins took Cousins after taking RG lll

My wife went to Holland Christian, same school as Kirk, a few years before him though. Good people in Holland.

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Well then your criticism must be truly blistering when you are trying to take something away from someone.

Kirk is a top 12 QB IMO. That’s pretty darn good.