Aubrey Pleasant Wasn't Happy With

Jeff Okudah got an earful and his manhood challenged.

Go Lions!

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Coach needs to stop doing that. It’s the third time on this site alone he has done that.

I didn’t catch what Okudah did to get that earful. Was surprised it wasn’t Will Haris getting that treatment. Harris is god awful and needs to be replaced.

I thought I did see him ripping Harris a new a-hole at some point as well. Unfortunately, this defense is going to give the coaches a lot to yell about over the next 16 games.

He was also hugging him and nurturing his ego, later. I though it was a little over the top. I’ve been yelled at by coaches, and I truly didn’t give a shit at the time. it drove me, for sure. We’ll see how this shakes down. Also, it’ll be interesting to see if/how Campbell responds to this.


Did anyone even consider that while he was giving him the business he was hyping him up? I’ve done that with employees. Pointing and yelling while informing them I was upset because they are better than that.

That could be half scold / half hyping up.


Okudah did blow a coverage early and was rightfully brow beaten. Later on he made a good play on a great catch by the opponent. Hence, the coaching reach around.

His confidence seems shot to me.

I tried to read lips. I think he was saying something like DO YOUR JOB or IT’S YOUR JOB.

“if you shave your head, you’ll be so much more handsome!”

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This could “Kill Him”, confidence-wise, or finally get thru to him to DO YOUR JOB !!!..There’s a lot of pressure on Okudah, real or imagined, given his lofty No.3 Pick status, through no fault of his own. Maybe its getting to him a little, given what we have seen on the field to date. Now, Slay had a rough 1st year, but he was a 2nd Round Pick and begun to show improvement in YEAR 2…Okudah has shown very little in YEAR 1 or today. He’s a good, willing Run tackler, but looks lost out there in the field, coverage-wise.

One of his principal problems appears to be, he is unable to translate film study into proper game management. Okudah’s “Process Skills” seem very limited, so far. He plays 10 yds off the ball every play and still gets beat consistently. He doesn’t trust his instincts and every play is a “New” play, he hasn’t seen, or so it seems. He’s not learning. Maybe the game is “Too Fast” for him to process, currently, ??..

Bucknuts U has produced a lot of good-to-great DB’s of late. Okudah was believed to be superior to ANY of them coming out of college. He wants to DO better, but he’s failing miserably out on the field. His 40 Time was a pedestrian 4.58, but their have been great DB’s in the 4.6 range, namely, Mr. Dreadlocks Richard Sherman, a surefire Hall of Famer, when he retires in 5 years. Okudah’s run tackling and diagnosis is superior and HE is a willing tackler to be fair, but he is unable to keep up with NFL-caliber speedy receivers and/or unable to compensate by playing proper angles. He rarely even gets close enough to be in any position to attempt an interception. He seems coachable. But that blowup with Coach Pleasant raises suspicion.

I had flashbacks of Slay’s first couple of seasons. Looked just like him on the play where he was in perfect position, but didn’t make a play on the ball. IMO, CB is the hardest position behind QB to play.

If his health allows for it, I think he’ll eventually be a good player for us, maybe really good. Time will tell.

Pleasant did not seem very pleasant. He gets a pass though because he is on MCDCs staff.

If that was Patricia this thread be be 1000 comments about how he is too hard on his players


I don’t think there would be 1000 comments.

That’s a lot of comments.

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I watched okudahs combine. His hips are stiff thus his change of direction isn’t that great.


That’s what I naturally assumed. And since this staff is supposed to pride itself in understanding how to get thru to each player…it reminds me that Okudah tells the story that an ass chewing like that one at OSU is what lit a fire under him and turned him into a top pick in the draft.

What I’ve said for years is that yelling should be reserved mainly for instances of problems with effort or focus.


I’m not trying to be contrarian but I’d say CB is harder. You can legit tell a QB ‘this is where the ball goes’ and you give them 2 options. The CB has to adjust immediately to pretty much every move the WR might make, as well as any other WR that comes in the area or the Rb.

Pass coverage and pass rush have to work in concert and the pass rush was feeble. Blown coverages are going to happen in the opener but Jimmy Giraffealo doesn’t see them if he’s got someone in his face.
Yes okudah sucked but confronting him can be done in the locker room or the red tent. Lions didn’t need any kind of twitter spectacle to dirty up their near perfect almost win.
And yeah red tents don’t exist but it’s just a good idea. Native Americans have used sweat lodges for thousands of years to commune with their enemies and iron out differences.

I missed most of the game so I didn’t see this or what Okuda did to deserve or not deserve this. The only thing that might warrant that was maybe going rogue, not sticking to scheme? Maybe doing something he was told not to do? But Pleasant looked like he was about to come to blows. Not a good look on the sidelines in the first game.
I hope it doesn’t put a wedge between the players and their coach.
OTOH Maybe Pleasant had reason. Something to watch in coming weeks.

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Right on, man. Because there is a body of work surrounding it, and there is enough rapport to challenge someone’s identity. When we challenge someone’s stories “I can’t do it,” or “this happened,” or fill in the blank… When you have enough report with a body of work that includes tons of love, teaching, nurturing, etc…That matters.
Also - I promise you, when I was coaching, I was up in people’s faces screaming, “THERE YOU GO, CAVONDRE!!! THAT’S EXACTLY HOW WE TEACH IT! GIVE IT TO THEM EVERY…SINGLE…TIME!” I’d grab their facemark and literally touch their facemark with my face…“NICE JOB! WAY TO PROTECT YOUR BROTHERS!,” Without listing a hundred of them, you get the idea. I promise you parents in the stands though I was ripping them a new asshole. Every bit as intense and committed as giving an ass chewing to someone, which did happen on occasion as well.