Baker Mayfield can make statement against Lions - PFT

Florio sticking to his story about Goff, whom he once actually referred to as Goof. Lame AF.

The truth is Brad was confident in Jared. He has a stud OL and when you keep Jared clean and give him a run game, he can be deadly. This is the only narrative that you need in order to understand why Brad was happy to take him on.


This a very great point that seems like it gets overlooked. Most of the time Brad has hit on his decisions. He isn’t perfect but damn, he is really really good at the player evaluation process. There are very few people in the NFL world (FANS AND REGIMES ALIKE) who would have tied their cart to Jared Goff.


This will be an interesting matchup. Lions are the better and more complete team, however if the Lions are missing 3 short yardage pass catches, that takes away Goff’s best outlets (LaPorta, Gibbs, and Aman Ra )

Goff knows this defense very well and has had tremendous success, with maybe one complete stinker.

They pressure and blitz like crazy and take away the run so the way to beat them is with quick passing or over the top.

This could be a huge day for Jamo and Kalif… Or it could be the worst offensive performance of the season.

Baker has some distinct tendencies that can be exploited. Hoping Glenn has the right strategy to force him to the side where he tends to throw bad picks across his body.


Florio simply doesn’t factor in that Brad was there when they evaluated Goff. The Lions know his strengths and how to play to them.

He is not a guy who is going to run around back there and create magic out of nothing. But if you protect him, give him a solid run game that empowers play action, he’s going to be above average to excellent.

The non-lazy narrative is to dive into why Jared was great for a while with the Rams and then fell apart. Part of it has to be on Goff, sure. But the greater part is McVay micromanaging him and the team for not giving him the right situation. Well, he’s got that now once again.


So I thought the same thing and then I watched Mike Martz the other day talk about Baker. Martz says he has a great deal of respect for Baker bc he has gone from a undisciplined player in Cleveland to an extremely disciplined player who looks nothing like the Baker we all knew in Cleveland. Feet are set, 5 step drop and throws the ball without a hitch…makes his read…a lot more accurate. I don’t think it is enough to beat us…

whole video is a great watch.

11:11 mark of the video


Tampa deciding to sign Baker, whom they had graded higher coming out than the rookies last year, looks like it’s turning out to be the wise decision


Watching now!

I have to admit I haven’t watched Baker since he was with the Rams last season.

I’ve always seen him as a gun slinger like Farve. Can carve you up but when pressured is very erratic. Not the type to run an advanced system. More he wants to see what he sees and make a throw.

So far they’ve played the Bears and Vikings in fairly close games. Neither known for their defense. The eagles are a complete team and they only scored 11. Finally the saints, which look to have a decent defense and the bucks handled them well (haven’t watched it).

DC said they like to do a lot of short passes so you can’t get frustrated or gassed because you aren’t getting to the QB. Implied that picks will come if you just keep it in front of you and be patient.

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Florio is jealous of the Lions because he is a Vikings fan.

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I think it’s mostly that he’s just not a very informed fan. He’s a hot-take-spewing gasbag.


He always has some ignorant extreme take on things. Dude is just trying to get clicks.


I wanted to be very careful of how I worded my comment because I know I have a history of coming off too strong and that is normally not my intent at all and in no way was the intent to show you up. I thought the exact same thing as you…I was truly surprised to hear what Martz was saying.


Here is the reality with Goff. He made a comment about McVay’s extremely gorgeous fiancé in a group chat and McVay went out of his way to mentally and emotionally destroy the kid. That was my concern was could he grow and withstand that. He has and the examples this year are all over the field. Goff has 3 ints this year. He has 3 TD drives immediately following those ints. He is yelling at players who are in the wrong spot. He is getting up and giving it back to the Seattle player after the dirty hit. Goff has grown as a man and as a leader and the issues were never talent…it was headspace. It’s kinda why I am hopeful with Jamo. This regime has a trackrecord with rebuilding dudes who confidence and headspace is crowded.


Well, if the Rams have to come to DET for a playoff game, maybe Goff can pipe him instead of his girl.

To be honest, I’m not sure how much that actually plays into it, if so it speaks to McVay’s insecurity. Most guys would just raise an eyebrow and take it as a compliment.


No Way Wtf GIF by Harlem

You are right, it does speak to his insecurity. But it did happen and it is why there was a 2 year period where Goff was struggling…it has been well-documented. This isn’t inside info…there are t-shirts “Goff Laying pipe” all over the internet…it happened. lol.

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Remember Joey coming back to FF for Thanksgiving and eating turkey? Yeah, like that. Playing well is the best revenge.

That was for a brief period when you, I think, were new to this board. I was more entertained than offended. Since then you’ve consciously modified your approach and are now playing a little too well with others, but I like knowing what you have in reserve for the appropriate time because I’m here to be entertained and provide a little too. Bring it, QBHATER90, bring it!! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

i hear you, just a strange way of saying it…i am only playing a you brother.

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i sincerely appreciate the feedback brother. Sincerely.

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more beans or a very valuable guy…either way → my prediction → hook grows to be amazing