Bears sign Andy Dalton

Awesome! He sucks


Bears are doing what the bears do, get a average qb in the off-season.


Bad move by Bears


Fair to say the Bears will be blowing the whole thing up next spring.

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Question. Would you take the Bears 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounder this year, and 3rd rounder next year for 7? Points match up fairly close if you use the lose a round for a future pick, formula Jimmy Johnson used.

For us, it would bring about much quicker fundamental change. But we also would be handing the Bears a top QB prospect. I’d probably do it. At worst it’s Win / Win. At best, they blow the pick.

BTW… this could have been us.


No I wouldn’t take that deal. It’s too far to move down. Give me the Bears 1st and second this year and two future 1st round picks and they can get their QB. Plus at worst, they draft the next Mahomes and we are stuck watching the Bears win Superbowls. Just kill me now.

This Off season is getting better every day !!

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Keeping Trubisky would have been a better option than Dalton, at least Trubisky is athletic and can make some plays with his feet.

The Bears will be lucky to win 5 or 6 games.


Sucks even though he may be the best an bears ever had.

I would guess Bears need to keep the 2nd round this year because the GM and coach are on hot seat.

I would trade them #7 for their 2021, '22, and '23 1st rounders though.

If the Lions feel that any QB left at #7 could be the Mahomes or elite QB… they should take him. Goff could be traded later if they lime a guy that much. It all about the value of the QB.

Now… switching gears…

If the Bears give Dalton $10 million on a 1 yr deal… and still have to pay Foles… what did Houston and Seattle say when they called about Watson and Wilson???

Are those teams still not answering the phone?

Or did they laugh at the Bears for trying to get involved with the #20 pick this year?

Carolina, Miami, and Jets all have top 10 picks… so Bears have no chance to get Watson or Wilson.

I love Ryan Pace’s work at the QB position.

Y E S!!!

Can someone answer this question …

Was Andy freaking Dalton “Plan B” when Seattle told Chicago to get lost?

I have to imagine they’re melting down in Chicago over this.

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I mean, you all know I’m not a huge Goff fan, but this means Detroit still has the second best QB in the division. With Russ, that would’ve changed things.

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A 1 year deal says they’re likely to draft a QB, so the staff just bought 2 more years. One with Dalton and 1 with the rookie QB they take.

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Exactly why Goff was part of the Stafford trade.


NFL network said Bear fans are crazy upset but there tweets are funny.

I certainly hope this is good for us. I mean, we did lose to Chase Daniels as a Bear.