Before we just gloss over the idea of Tua to the Lions at 3

The Green Bay Packers drafted Aaron Rodgers the year after Brett Favre threw for more than 4000 yards and 30 TDs.

How’d that work out? Decent QB transition there?

No team is in a better situation to give Tua a “redshirt year” his rookie season than Detroit. Then maybe you trade Stafford after the 2020 season, if he comes back, is healthy, plays well, and re-establishes his value.

Or, maybe you don’t. Maybe you go a second season with Stafford, too, giving Tagovailoa playing time here and there where it makes sense. Maybe it’s that third year where he really pushes for the job.

In this scenario, Stafford has a two-year window in which to (finally) lead Detroit to the promised land. And if he’s fantastic and healthy and looks like he can play until he’s 38, then maybe it’s Tua you sell a couple of years down the road, having given him enough cameo appearances to get other QB-needy GMs drooling.

Alls I’m saying is Stafford will be 32 next season, with an unusual amount of hits and NFL road miles on his body, coming off two straight seasons with broken back issues. Green Bay took Rodgers because he was sliding massively and was such a talent they couldn’t resist. I’d argue the Lions are in more of a position where it makes sense to pick a successor QB than Green Bay was in 2005.

Hip injuries scare me. All of the medicals would have to check out with flying colors. And I know all of the arguments against Tua. Maybe he’s injury-prone and won’t stand up to the NFL beating. Maybe his play is inflated by the ridiculous talent around him. But his highlight reels are dazzling.

I’m probably in agreement with those who are screaming at their computer screens or cell phones at the mere idea of this. The Lions have more immediate needs on defense – though perhaps not a 3rd overall pick-worthy player to take there. We can claim there will be a bidding war for the Lions’ pick, but what if Miami is content to not pay a ransom, sit tight and take whoever they get from Tua or Herbert?

The Lions should, at a minimum, do serious due diligence on Tua and the idea of picking him as the successor to Stafford, near term or a little farther out. But this would require being as courageous and imaginative as Green Bay was back in 2005. And the Lions don’t do courageous and imaginative.

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A viable option, I agree.

But it does not help us now. When you have a front office already in the noose. And the old woman playing with the lever.


For me Burrows is the only QB I would touch in rd 1!

I don’t wanna touch a decent prospect with a major hip injury at #3 but that’s just me.

Also I don’t think Tua is near the prospect that Rodgers was…


Favre didn’t have a major injury.

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Agree the Lions could easily do worse than grabbing their QB of the future. But Quinntricia are on the hot seat and planning for Stafford’s retirement is probably not at the top of their list IMO. They need to get production from their first rounder in 2020 and that means it’s most likely going to be a DL player. Those guys can step in and contribute right away. Or, take an OT and move Decker over to RT and kiss Wagner goodbye.

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Two back injuries in back to back seasons has me thinking Tony Romo.
Taking a QB high, would be smart.
Plus, with Kelly’s illness, they have start thinking about the kids future. The dirty little secret in the Acoustic Neuroma closet is, they usually come back at some point, or another shows up on the other side, or for those of us who have had Gamaknife, there’s the danger of cancerous tumors making an appearance.
He’s been beat up. At some point, money is not enough compensation.


I don’t think Stafford is done, far from it. His legacy is not what he wants it to be yet. I think he’s hungrier to win than some think.


I agree w/this. This scenario would presuppose that the Lions are looking out for the Post Stafford era, and that would require Quinn/Patricia view themselves a s a part of it.

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Herbert is going to be the 2nd QB taken, not Tua… Herbert will be a top 10 pick, bank on it


If Tua is in the draft and the Dr.’s give him the thumbs up he won’t make it past the Dolphins IMO

I’m not saying Tua won’t be a top 10 pick, but he’ll be the 3rd QB taken IMO

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I agree with you Fish, I would not be surprised at all if Staff exits on the early side.


Hmm. Maybe. Supposedly the Tide thinks Tua is coming back. That seems crazy to me but whatever his choice I wish him the best.

A team could definitely fall in love with Herbert. I think there is a lot of looks like Tarzan plays like Jane with him but he will no doubt slay it in the pre draft process

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I have a feeling these idiots are going to reach for a position that normal teams don’t even consider until the end of round 1 at the earliest. I’m thinking the top guard in the draft or maybe another TE because they are concerned about Hockenson’s injuries.
Let’s just draft a bust so we can get these clowns out of Detroit.

Like? What position would you see as a reach?

Im not positive he’ll be there. I could see him going 1 or 2.

Im not sold that the Redskins new regime is sold on haskins. They might want their own guy.

But yeah, if he’s there the lions should pass so long as Stafford is on the roster.

Last year Quinn took a TE at #8. Normal NFL teams don’t even consider that position in the top 20. I can see Quinn looking at a guard or safety at #3. Kind of a joke but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Not happening

That’s why I said kind of a joke.

Main thing for me is hoping one way or another Tau doesn’t play for one full ur to truly heal.

If he and Matt and coexist for a few yrs? Maybe