Big Game Big Player Big Plays

We saw what 97 did. Let’s see how Thibodoes.


I will be watching as well.

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What time is he on today?

Just started on ESPN

What a rushing attack! OSU got their asses kicked. That o-line dominated.

And Hutch is my number 1 pick. Big players playing huge in big games. Thibs laid an egg in his biggest game of the year last week vs Utah.

Hutch also has 13 sacks to Thibs 6.

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I think Hutchinson is solidly in the conversation for 1st pick


Reminds me a bit of JJ Watt with the 6’6 height and long arms.


A few weeks ago I posted that Thibodeaux had a Clowney vibe, to me. Obviously, may be totally wrong. Always liked Hutch, and Ojabo. Corrall reminds me of Manzell, without the off field issues. Has talent, but question if he can hold up physically in NFL. Lions need so much talent across the board, obviously.


If my current Mich fan erection lasts past new years should I see a doctor?


No, that should be a normal response after all of these years.


Didn’t realize Thibs has a left arm/hand injury. Has some type of bracing around his arm, goes from elbow to fingers.

I’m presuming injury for the necessity of that brace.

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I’ve notice he’s played with that brace the few games I’ve seen him this year

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Exactly!! Hutch is going to be a quality NFL player

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Hutchinson at #1 for me all day long!!

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I’ll take Hutchinson all day I’ll take production over hype all day, he has alot of JJ and TJ in him.we need this guy, And I’m not a Michigan fan at all.


Also with Hutch, he’s a lifelong Lions fan…why the eff not get that kid in here and inject his passion, motor, and leadership?! I’m taking Hutch over KT allll dayyy if I’m the Lions.

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Agree, he looks built like him and he’s still got room to grow.

How many sacks did he have today and he could’ve had a couple more of holding was a penalty

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Thibodeaux plays with a brace for fun. If you look, he’s played with it on different arms. There’s pictures of him in it on different arms.

I was against Hutch because of Thibodeaux’s athletic ability. I thought that this team needed athleticism.

Man was I wrong.

We need playmakers.

Hutchinson is a playmaker. He has a motor that never stops and he actually generated pressure on NPF which is something literally nobody else has done. Dawand is just a big dude so I didn’t expect him to be able to keep up, although he isn’t bad either.

I don’t see how we can pass on Hutchinson’s production. I just don’t. Especially with Thibodeaux’s inconsistency.


Did not know he was a lions fan, that is awesome!

Heck yeah take him number one overall!


He’s also bigger and I will bet faster.

He chose to return to a team on its ass last year from covid. He was the emotional leader all year. He dominated the hottest offense in the country.

Size, production, passion, pedigree, PERIOD!

Hutch, WR, MLB