Bijon Robinson - change one thing, change everything

We have an effective run game. But what would happen if we took an already effective run game, and added a truly dynamic runner?

Evaluating prospects on clips instead of actual game film is often times a mistake. But what I like about this video is it didn’t just focus on the biggest plays, it mixed in plays that don’t seem super impressive in a highlight video but are 100% NFL type runs that most college backs can’t pull off on a consistent basis like Robinson.


I like how shifty and elusive he is while still maintaining a “get downhill” posture. Not all that common IMO.


His lateral movement and ability to mix speeds are Sanders-esque. Him and Jamo out there with Amon would be problematic


With Bijon you can create a series of clips that makes people forget that he is a 6’ tall 220+ lbs back. He’s able to do the things of a smaller back so well. But you can also put together a series of clips that make you remember that he is a powerful dude with size. That’s before getting to the idea that he has high level balance and vision…and can pluck the ball out of the air like a wide receiver.

This is our Todd Gurley for Goff.


100% agree and would be all in on this guy, if that’s what Brad wants to do.
I would LOVE for us to have him with J-Will as his “grit mentor.”


Good point. Would be so much fun if Brad saw it that way.

Just looked at a Mock that had him going 15. I think the Lions will be picking later than that.
Another trade up?


I think he should be in play for our own first. Not in favor of trading up for anyone. Period. We need picks and Holmes seems to do well. Why keep any less when every pick makes a difference?


would not be upset if we got Carter and Bijan in the first



Imagine a real playground shoot around…. There is this kid that is 6’5” and can’t miss from 3… plays solid D and is high energy….

He’s literally never, ever drafted to 1-7…. Yet about 60% of those guys bust- AND EVERY SINGLE TEAM CONTINUES TO SEEM OUT THE ABOVE…

It’s amazing how many Wiseman, Hayes, T Burks picks occur… then teams desperately seek K Middleton, K Thompson, etc

Same with NFL….

Injuries included- Barkley is still one of the best picks in the top 10 of that draft


Wait’ll you see JaMoss out there. :wink:

Cuz not all playmakers are created equally, and sometimes one guy makes more difference than 2 guys.

I completely agree with this. Brad is doing fantastically for us.
I trust him, no matter what he decides to do. Truthfully, I was just contemplating, not even insinuating he should…rather asking.

Also - One of the fellas suggested that Gibby could be a Darren Sproles type. That would work VERY well here too.

I’ve been wanting ot upgrade RB for a couple of years now. Jackson is looking better too…our RB coach is doing a nice job with these guys.

Again, I would like the pick, but I don’t see Brad taking a RB in round 1 with his “positional value” philosophy.


Dream scenario

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If I were re-drafting the top 10 picks in 2018….
Saquon doesn’t make the top 5 picks.


If #11-20 are considered….
Saquon doesn’t make the top 10 picks….


Where’s his pass blocking? “You can’t play for me if you don’t pass block.” Duce Staley, circa 2021.

Bijon “Frise” Robinson will probably be picked in the first round, but I’m with Brad value-wise. Presuming we’re picking at #15, I’d rather have Trent Simpson at the undervalued position of LB than Bijon. At the moment. Check in with me in 15 minutes…


Simpsons highlights are pretty sick too

Talented no doubt, but…guess with the holes we have in the roster, I’d prefer DE, CB and DT before choosing a RB. Drafting a RB anyplace in the first 2 rounds seems like a luxury pick. That said, I see the Lions drafting a weapon for the offense in the first 2 rounds and why not build on a strength.


They will.
Carter 1A
HoneyMustard 1B
DE 2a/2b
CB 2a/2b
(we have 2 2nd round and 2 thirds, I think).
Brad will pull a gem in the 4th that turns into something nobody expected as well.
We’re not gonna need those CBs as much with the amount of pressure we’ll be putting on folks with our new DL.

Brad is watching and calculating as we speak.

But I think we all hope it would be pick 22 or whatever. Big difference than number 2 overall.

2 - 2nd rounders, a 3rd rounder, no 4th

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Depends i think what he does in UFAs an resigning I could go for the RB or the WR Quentin Johnston I know many want D an so do I but either one would improve are O.

We will have better idea after signings also after combine but we should be adding 2 studs an 3 top end players.

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