Bills at Lions Preview--from the Opponent's Point of View

Good reading can be found here:

@ Two Bills Drive

Overall, their fans do not like the spread.

maybe. But if they turn down FGs early, onside kick to start the game and still get beat down then they don’t just look like a bad team. They look like a sad bad team

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I am with you that I at least want to see the lions be competitive for 4 quarters against the bills. On the other hand though, in Campbell’s eyes, does it really matter if we lose By three points or 30 points, a loss is still a loss.

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There’s also a scenario where we pass on a easy field goal early, don’t convert the fourth and five……and with three minutes left in the game we get the ball down by nine

When it’s early, in my opinion, always take the points

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it’s not. That’s like saying Blitzing is playing scared.

You’re answering your own questions.

It’s like a mini-version of our traditional offseason until the games are played. LOL

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We are 5-6 in fake punts, not excited about anything else.

Which is more unlikely: The Lions beating the Bills on Thursday or the Rams being 3-7? Quick, someone post a “you mean we have a chance” meme…

*Because a ball from a perfect pass hit the dude in the hands and he dropped it.

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Probably the best Lions breakdown I’ve seen.

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goes both ways, this is a very important game for us.

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I think the best path for the Lions to win is if Josh Allen’s UCL causes enough problems that he’s not able to be his normal self throwing the ball.

Screw Buffalo

There’s going to be one helluva home field advantage Thursday, they better bring their A game, which lately has been missing

This is doable


This is the same team that lost to the Jets.

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That was really good. Fair and unbiased.

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