Bleeping Vikings are going to make the playoffs

Started off 1-5. Just a game behind Arizona now for the last spot.
They play the Jags, Bucs, Bears, Saints (without Brees), and Lions. Easy 4-1 out of that group.

Beating the Vikes to keep them out of the playoffs sounds fun


My dude :wink:


What a difference Dalvin Cook makes… They won’t make the playoffs though, they’ll lose to TB and NO

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Kirk Cousins is showing that he is the #2 QB in the division. 11 TDs to 1 INT in his last 4 games. He has defied the odds his entire career and is doing it again.

One game at a time - we need an upset this weekend and if that happens, Vikes losing, the odds of making the playoffs go from (Current) 24% only to 9%!!

huge help if the vikes lay a few eggs this weekend!

The Vikes are currently pretenders brother… only one win against winning teams.

Now, they should win but i am not holding my breath… Falcon and Dallas beat them already…

Kirk Cushion’s is average as he has a better o-lne (10 less sack than Matt), didnt loose he #1 WR for 5 games, vike have 600 more rushing yards and rushing TD’s…

yet, Matt has more yardage without all that missing support and stilll has lead the Lions to the same record as Kirkie and the Vikes…5-6…

he is average and actually doing less with more than matt!

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Zimmer is likely to get two more wins out of his team. So they finish at 8-8. Right behind the 9-7 LIONS!giphy


I also think the Vikings will sneak into the playoffs. Their games with the Bucs & Saints will be tough. I actually think that the Saints game is their toughest test even if Brees doesn’t play. The Bucs are a really inconsistent team right now & it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they lost to the Vikings. The other games on the Vikes schedule look easily winnable.

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I think he’s proved how important a run game is to a QB. He looks like a totally different QB when Cook is healthy.

Tom Brady is struggling mainly because his OL isn’t giving him enough protection and his running backs can’t make the quick plays to help alleviate the pass rush. Which also shows just how important it is to have RB’s who understand how to do this.

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I think Brady is “struggling” because he’s not on the same page with his receivers… So much of his game is predicated on hot routes based on what the defense is doing. A lot of the time, the receivers are not where he thinks they’re going to be.


Exactly brother!

It’s called a team sport for a reason!!

Synergy baby!!

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Oh - I do think the coke just got better like it or not as Theinlen is back in the active roster…

They’ve got 3 out of their next 5 games against losing teams.


I have them as projected for 7-9 right now… they “should” lose to bucs and Saints which are away games.

I “hope” they loose to Lions, bears at home…
and man I want the jags to drop thier butts as well!

I see 7/9 or 8-8… but this Sunday- eve with a win - they are at about 35% chance to make it… they are like the Lions in needing serious help from other teams losing along with them winning…

Both team need to win this Sunday or it’s basically over but closing the coffin!

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Tom Brady broke down this week and let his frustrations show due to all the pressure and hits he’s taking. Bruce Arians said they had to implement more hot reads for Tom Brady’s. Hot reads usually go to the RB’s on blitz situations. Problem is their RB’s aren’t executing them well.

Evans has also struggled to adapt to this new offense, he’s being asked to do a lot of different things.

Panthers had them beat and completely shit the bed. Vikings might make the playoffs but that’s about it.

Tony romo also pointed out that The scheme in Tampa is also heavy in vertical routes. That’s not really great when your offensive line is average in pass pro.

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That’s the Arians offense for sure… They’re trying to marry the two schemes together which is likely why they’re having trouble getting on the same page with each other. You can see it in Evans/Godwin’s Y/R, they’re down 5 and 4 yards respectively from last year… Brady wants to dink and dunk and Arians wants to push it downfield, it could be a great partnership if they can figure it out.