Bob Quinn Pattern

He get rid of caldwell saying 9-7 is not good saying that he has a better roster to win more games.
After caldwell was out, his 1 st rd picks were ragnow and hockenson when we had other needs.
He bring amendola for 5 million who is not all needed in our offense.You guys see a pattern here?
he is going with safe guys he wants and not signing the best talent.He gave all our decent players to new england.He over pay all free agents.He can not negotiate with any other teams to do a trade.He was just another guy in new england ,we thought otherwise

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Well I’ve never been a fan of him.

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Say what you want about Quinn. But Amendola was a good signing and the offense needed someone like him.


I still am ok with Quinn. Not so big on Patricia anymore. Hockenson will be a game changing TE. They say it’s one of the toughest positions for rookies. Pair that with the fact that we have had great play from our WRs, so less targets for him.

The Amendola signing was great


Amendola was fine. The other signings were mostly horrible. No way in hell he should be able to conduct another draft or ever make another single trade. 8 out of every 10 moves he makes are bad. 4 years and no elite talent. He inherited Calvin, Staffors and Slay. Noe his best players are a lesser version of Slay and an injured Stafford. Hes done nothing to improve the roster over what Mayhew left him. Hes horrible

Hock was a great pick.

Quinn usually takes the high floor guys butt Hock also has a very high ceiling. He could be the best TE in the league in 2-3 years.

How can you possibly diss the Amendola signing lol. He’s been great as the starting slot. Ragnow is a fine pick for where he was taken and is definitely a need with the current o line.


Yea. Probably not.

stunning analyses.


Hock was a severe reach. Maybe not as much of a reach as Davis, KJ, Tavai or Teez, but a lot of us thought he was a nice talent but no way would ever be worth an 8 OA pick. Top 10 drafted players are expected to be a major impact immediately. Waiting 3 years to get Kyle Rudolph production out of him is not going to cut it.

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Quin is the second coming of Millen. Takes a winning team and turns it into trash.

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Ragnow #2 ranked center in entire nfl… what am I missing on him? Also Glasgow has been ranked top 5 entire season. Danny A has the 3rd best #3 wr #s in football. Coleman is ranked in top 4 at his position. There’s been a lot of good that the haters tend to over look. He also drafted golladay who seems to be kinda ok??
I have more issues with coaching, which is also on BQ which is my biggest issue with him.


Thing is, Quinn is responsible for everyone on the team. His signing or not, every man on the team is there because he wants them there.
Guys he didn’t want are gone!

orrrrrrrr he could duck out early due to not being able to stay on the field

Please don’t tell me you are relying on PFF for your info. They are a hack tabloid site. If Glasgow and Ragnow were at the top of the league in their respective positions, we wouldn’t be absolutely terrible running the ball. Our run game is trash and it’s not like there are gaping holes they are missing. Before he got hurt again, Kerryon Johnson’s biggest run was a whopping 14 yards. The run blocking is terrible.

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What? Ragnow and Hockenson were definitely needs. Slot receiver was one of their biggest needs post draft and Amendola has been well worth the money.

I know everybody is upset with the Lions and rightfully so but some of the criticism has turned irrational. Some of you are angry about everything, even moves that are obviously fine.

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Left guard and Right tackle were problems coming in. We knew that.
Has anything changed.
Ragnow and Glasgow are the most valuable players on the Oline.

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You can’t write coherent sentences
Your thoughts aren’t coherent
The sum of it all = nonsense

Well, if you’re intelligent enough to work thru some grammatical errors, he does make a lot of good points, but by all means, go the grammar Nazi route. It’s much easier.