Borrow from the future?

The lions came 30 minutes from the SB last year. Many consider this to be their window. Is now the time to be aggressive and borrow from future drafts to bolster the roster now?

Anyone think Holmes might trade a future pick to get back in this thing?

Would you? Any particular players that would be worth it?

Would you borrow from the future for more picks this year?
  • Trade a 2025 1st for a 2024 2nd
  • Trade a 2025 2nd for a 2024 3rd
  • Trade a 2025 3rd for a 2024 4th
  • No way - leave future picks out of this
  • Trade a player (if so, who?)
  • Other
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I would hate them giving up a 1st or 2nd in 2025. I would be open to a 3rd though considering we do have an extra 4th.

I personally think they use a 2025 3rd or 4th in a trade tonight or tomorrow.


I also believe we will receive a 2025 comp pick for Aaron Glenn and maybe even Ray Agnew.


Feel the same way.

Depending on who’s there at 61 i wouldn’t mind a trade down and getting a 3rd and another 5th

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Trading a future first for a second this year just seems like organizational malpractice.


Yeah 100% don’t like that

I would trade our 5th and 2025 4th like we did for Barnes

And go get our guy day 3


I would trade next years 3RP and # 61 to move up in the second tonight. I wouldn’t trade a second next year for a third or a first for a second this year. I might consider #61 and 2025 2RP for 38-43 range pick tonight and their 2025 4RP.


if we could come away from day 2 with some cobinations of the below two players, even if we have to give up a 2025 3rd or 4th, I would be ecstatic

WR - McConkey, Franklin, Mitchell, Malachi

OL - Jackson Powers, Frasier, Amegadjie, Haynes, Suamataia

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Under the right conditions, some of these types of trades could open up, but this year doesn’t feel like the right circumstances. They will be inverted though…
Example → we have guys that are known cap casualties that we package with picks to move up…essentially, guys we would lose for nothing, but instead get picks for them.

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I’m definitely with @Jman on this one. We can leverage our 5th and a 4th from next year to move up for a 4th this year without doing any damage at all. Expiring contracts are always going to be an issue with a contending team and I think you have to preserve a base pipeline for replacing them.


I think we can use it to move up to the 3rd late tbh


Maybe so!

actually we have two 5ths… this year and next hmmmm

we really do have the capital to trade up

I wouldn’t do it unless rare value–like with Arnold yesterday–presented itself.

Staying at #61 or nearby, we’ll get a significant player and stick with the team long term. We could trade #164 and 201 for Carolina’s #142 for another significant player. How many new players are going to stick with this loaded team?

Next offseason we’ll be losing some significant pieces like, perhaps, Davis, Iffy, Barnes, McNeill, Zeitler, Decker, and more. We’ll need to replenish the old fashion way: through the draft.

I ain’t Brad though…


I agree that I think it’s very likely we come back in Rd 2 or Rd 3 this year by swapping out a pick from next year

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One example of a deal with old friend Dave Sears and his boss Monti Ossenfort would be:

No. 61 to Arizona


Nos. 66 and 138.

Move down a bit, gain an early 5th Rd pick.


That would be ideal IMO to work out a deal “similar” to that. As long as your still able to draft a player you’re targeting that is.

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Nope–nothing. Keep your picks and keep drafting well.