Both Detroit AND TB screwed up with time at the end of the game and nobody knew--Dan Campbell confirms

Had Tampa taken their timeout, they had 34 seconds left. They never took it.


I mentioned that to my son, they could have forced us to at least try a fg


Yeah I was trying to figure out if we could kneel it out or not since they had a timeout, was very confused by that.

Unless it was misreported by the broadcast team?

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I mentioned it in the thread when it happened. Didn’t understand why we were kneeling so early

I was too busy crying after the first kneel down to even know this happened.


I was worried we were gonna take the knee on 3rd and they were gonna call timeout with 30+ seconds left.

Yeah I was confused on that

Same thing occurred to me.

There was 1:33 left. Lions could take 80 seconds off clock + kneel down time even with timeouts.

Assume 2 seconds a play if kneel slow. That is 6 seconds.

So 86 seconds out of 93.

That leaves 7 seconds. Lions can throw one out of endzone on 4th and take up 6 to 8 seconds.

It was over.


Your math is correct, if we’re winding the clock down. We were not. We kneeled with 30 something seconds left to make it 4th down

After they kneeled down on third down there was 30 something seconds on the game clock and it said TB still had a timeout. Sum Ting Wong

I think maybe TB didn’t really have a timeout even though the tv graphic said they did.


Well lions should have not rushed kneel downs.

That’s what I wonder. Did they take one after the first play of their last drive? A lot was happening but they might have taken a 30 second TO.

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Finally, other teams are the ones losing for dumb reasons

I think it must have been a handshake agreement between both teams.


The Bucs conceded…they gave up.

We beat the ‘will to win’ right out of them. Their mind wasn’t thinking “I want to win!”…

…the Bucs mind was saying “I’ve had enough, it’s over”


I’m just now learning this.

This could have gone very poorly for us.

And if I’m a Bucs fan, I’m pissed.


It’s a minor note now, but I think it was with about eight minutes left coming out of an injury time out where the clock was running. We were up by seven and had the ball. They came up to the line and hiked the ball fairly quickly with 20 seconds on the play clock. They could’ve waited in the huddle for that 20 seconds and done the same thing. Time was the bucks enemy at that point, so why not let it run?

They could have used the timeout, in which case we still run the clock out. The math was in Detroit’s favor and Bowles conceded.