Breakout Player of the Year

Might sound a little strange, but Tracy Walker for me. He was showing some signs before injury. Maybe not a “stat” guy, but a leader and captain who we’re all going to love.


Nate’s going to need to install a breathalyzer before you can log into the den. haha


I got my money on James Houston. I’m betting he can rush, but also drop into coverage, stunt and set the edge.12 sacks and a lotta good plays coming.


AG just gunna send waves of rushers at opposing QB’s this season, some combo of Hutch, Houston, Barnsey, and the Okwara boys.

I think JO explodes while they game plan for Hutch, Houston, and Alim

Only 12? Houston will have that by Canadian Thanksgiving!

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Man. I was going to say Alim. Hard not to with the dedication to OBVIOUS physical changes and mental preparedness. I very much appreciate his level of focus this off-season.

But you make a good point. I said recently in another thread that before he got hurt, some of those games last year it was like he was out there playing by himself against the other team.

I’m torn, but I love Tracy so I’ll just pick him and hope it ends up a tie between him and Alim.


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I’d love to see Monty be a total beast, especially vs. the Bears. That one thing could set the tone for the offense. Just line up and run it down their throats to set up all the other guys.

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Ja Gibbs

I’m expecting to see a lot of “whoop” highlights this season (and many years to come).


No effin way. There would only be like 3 guys posting, and if he started swabbing, they’d be gone, too.
We’re Lions fans. I mean, you’re not a Lions fan for 55 years without some self medicating.


It would just be Natty licking toads and talking to himself! lol

And Jman

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Cephus, oh wait, well…swing and a miss.

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No wonder you create so many polls!! lol

fukkit I lick some toads with ya brotha

You can bat again. Do you want Trinity Benson?

You can only hope they all breakout no matter the position.

Tut Atwell.

Ohhh for the Lions. I think McNeil is already a established quality starter so I’ll go with Paschal. So many players have stepped up for the Lions already it’s a tough pick.

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I will pick someone under the radar, James Mitchell, play making TE is a big need and we assume that it will be Laporta but just maybe Mitchell comes in fully healthy and blows things up. Rookie TEs don’t usually produce.


Savion MothaFukkin Smith