Brian Branch a machine

Can we talk about this guy for a minute. 3 games with 3 tackles or more for a loss in the same game. I think the first rookie to do that since I don’t know when. Pretty Crazy .


He was a friggin missle into the backfield. Kid can play.


Yeah I thought to myself:

“Self, is it possible that Brian Branch is the best defensive player on this team?”

Yes it’s possible.

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That play was sick.


Absolutely amazing!


Louis Delmas may have been the last one.


You are correct, I saw that somewhere.

That one tackle he had on the RB in the backfield was next level. He knew the play but waited to slide the left until the last minute to keep the WR from being able to get a solid chip on him and allow him to burst into the backfield. (not the video above)

It was such a pro move. So slick and smart.

This dude is a legit next level player. Safety of the future for sure.


Fields has got to check out of that play but doesn’t.

He knows the TE is taking Hutch. Who does he think is blocking Branch?

And the play is going to THAT side. It’s not even like he was okay with Branch coming from the back side.

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– One guy who didn’t struggle was Brian Branch, who might have played his best game since suffering the ankle injury that sidelined him a couple weeks in the first half of the season. Branch dropped running backs D’Onta Foreman and Khalil Herbert for 6-yard losses apiece, plus Fields for a 2-yard loss. Branch now has three games with three tackles for loss, something no rookie defensive back had done even twice since 1999.

Those third-down penalties were back-breakers though, extending drives that had been stopped, both of which led to points. Branch is one of the best young cornerbacks in the league, but those mistakes have to be cleaned up.

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Another more detailed write up from after the Falcons game:

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Personally I think Hutch is, he might not be getting umpteen sacks , but opponents do throw two guy at Hutch to try to keep him from reaching their QB and sometimes HE beats that , and sacks the $#@ out of the Opposing QB. I will say that Brian Branch is damn near equal to hutch for defensive skill , and disruptive ability. you have almost lopsided pressure on a QB opposite side of Hutch, or Hutch would feast on sacks. IF we put Branch on one side to rush the QB and Hutch where he is ?? I say watch out !! QB’s would have no chance !

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Brian Branch is one player who just gets it. He is such a smart player, he looks like he has been in the league for years. He and Sam LaPorta are both incredible second round picks.


Branch is developing into an Ed Reed against the run. Great tackler and great instincts.


Before his ankle sprain I think it was a legit argument.

He wasn’t himself until yesterday and now he’s back

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He was also a penalty machine.

Love Branch, he made a lot of great plays yesterday but those two penalties were hugely critical and were also away from the ball.
Big fan of his though.


13. Defensive Player of the Year dark horse? The Dallas Cowboys already have a former one (Stephon Gilmore) at the cornerback position, where injured All-Pro Trevon Diggs also seemed to be emerging as a potential candidate in future seasons. **But who foresaw this campaign from sophomore corner DaRon Bland, who tied the NFL record Sunday with his fourth pick-six of the season**?

:face_with_peeking_eye: wow

That’s really really good. Like HOF Ken Houston good:

Branch needs to step it up. :crazy_face: