Brockers Is The Problem, Not Da Problem

Your eyes did not deceive you.

OTC valued Brockers at $1.5M for his 2021 performance while playing in 16 games. Cutting him in 2022 saves $3M with almost $6M dead money.

If training camp suggests that the 2021 Brockers is back, I say he will be either cut or traded before the season starts. Holmbell’s culture is solidly entrenched after only one year and it has been fortified by this year’s selections. So tell me, if Brockers isn’t building culture, what is his real value this year?

Holmes had the cajones to flush $2M down the drain by cutting Perriman last September. My crystal ball says that the Holmbell will part with Michael Brockers and his $6M sunken cost in favor of UDFA Demetrius Taylor, when Taylor flashes in our more aggressive defensive system this year.

Disclosure: My crystal ball also said the Jags were taking Hutch, leading me to mock Jermaine Johnson at #2. Since then my crystal ball was overhauled at the shop…


I’m curious to see how they handle this situation. Hopefully we see some articles like we saw with Levi that Brockers was not healthy last season.

He does seem like a real leader in the locker room. I know we drafted some captains but it really helps to have real veterans around. Who would be the DL captain otherwise? I feel like we kind of do need a older guy to really show these young draft picks how to be professional. I wonder what kind of impact he’s had in Levi and co. Thusfar.

That being said I think he’s trash and needs to go.

With so many young guys on the Dline, the main value Brockers is bringing to the team is showing the young bucks how to be a pro. He was invisible most of the year in the field last year and I don’t expect him to get better this year.

McNeil, Levi, Paschal, Hutch and even Penisini to a degree can only have their development accelerated by having Brockers in their ear in the weight room, film room, cafe, sidelines, and on the field. Brockers said in an interview on NFL radio last year during Super Bowl media day that everything happens for a reason and he’s embracing his role in Detroit. He could’ve been sulking that he wasn’t playing in the Super Bowl, but instead he was talking positively about his time with the Lions. True pro.


not trash–like some of us here long in the tooth—he’s just beyond his prime–has aches and pain—but lot’s of savy and wisdom to pass along—getting old at what you do just happens— i can relate to that—defenitly not trash


He can be of value building players and culture as long as he is at or under 30% snap share. Anything more than that will be a boat anchor situation.

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You’re a great dude to have on the forum.

You’re also off your rocker in this case.


My crystal ball said an overpaid DT on a 1 year contract actually isn’t a problem….

If they want to sign Ogunjobi or Hicks, Landon Collins, Kwon Alexander or Schobert… sure maybe.

Even then, they could just be Brockers 2.0. We don’t need the 3M… if there was a guy they really wanted- say Landon Collins- they’d have already loved the money around.

I can’t see cutting a vet leader, a culture guy, and having an extra 3M… for what?

I’ll take the guy turning 31 with a bunch of 65-75 pff ratings in the past 6 years, and ONE bad year. A bad year here in a new D, a defense we are discarding as a whole this year btw- and playing amongst backups.

Yeah I mean if you wanna be PC. You’re right. But I mean his production isn’t worth meaningful snaps. Throw him out (like the trash) as it relates to his on field performance.

I do think his veteran presence is needed and wouldn’t want to lose him unless they got someone with more talent who could replace him.

I’m sure he added to ‘the culture’ players are raving about.


He may have only played at a 1.5M level, but I’d bet a time machine placing Hutch, Okwara and a more seasoned O’Neill next to him would have increased that production.

Then factor Levi being healthy and taking some snap share.

My guess is blocking Brockers was probably, and sadly a focus of opponents last year.

We aren’t going to do much better with the 3M we create at this stage. We once again show a shitty message to good guys who play here


If he was a focal point of blocking schemes on the DL here last year… sadly- hoping Paschal, Hutch, and Okwara change that.


Sure, if Brockers shows in training camp that last year was an anomaly, Problem solved.

If not and it appears that the past 6 years of production were due in large measure to playing next to Aaron Donald, then 1) trade Brocks for beans or a player near cutdown dates (maybe paying part of his salary), or 2) cut him and play guys who will be here in 2023.

Brockers may test this pronouncement which was reported in the Free Press a while back:

“Dan (Campbell) and I have always said you can call us the land of opportunity,” Lions general manager Brad Holmes said in his pre-draft news conference. "We don’t care where you come from. We don’t care where you got drafted, what the depth chart looks like where, ‘Oh, this guy’s a vet,’ and all that. We don’t care about any of that.

“If you step in this building, you’ve got an opportunity to compete … That’s kind of how we approach it because of undrafted free agents.”


I suspect the Lions would be best served if Brockers wasn’t on the roster in the fall. He may have wielded the hammer of Thor before the season, but by the end of the season played more like Jane.

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Good point about sending a shitty message to players who want to be here. I agree with this.

I just think it sucks for the prospect of D. Taylor. I guess penisini will be the odd guy out. Maybe we roll the dice with one NT.

I love the stuff that OTC does, but their trade value chart also says the Vikings won the Jamo trade. It’s even harder to quantify football performance into formulas and statistics. A lot of what Brockers brings to the table won’t fit in OTC’s valuation formula. He’s worth $3M, he’ll be on the roster.

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An aging Brockers wasn’t good for the Rams in 2020 next to Aaron Donald.

What are the chances he’s going to be good another two years older, next to Penisini in 2022?

Zero chances. 0.0

My want for logic and conventional wisdom can see this…however my intuition feels like they want to be good to him. Coach Dan loves that MF’r (as a human). I think we can still boost and solidify the locker room for another year…next year, talent upgrade…Next year, we draft the best DT in the draft (if Goff works out).


Let’s not anoint Demetrius Taylor just yet. There are plenty of guys who put up numbers in college.

There is a reason he was an UDFA and Brockers was a 1st rounder.


Let’s not anoint D Taylor for racking up sacks at App St just yet.

Until proven otherwise I’m still leaning toward the 10 year DT vet with 30 NFL sacks over Pensini, Levi and D Taylor. In a perfect world D Taylor starts on practice squad, and Levi and Brockers go 50/50 on snaps. If both are playing well and Penisini can’t get on the field…. GOOD!

If Taylor looks like Jacob’s did in practice, then we find him snaps.

You don’t disrespect the pecking order to appease the wet dream of an UDFA being really good. Functional?? Sure.

I promise J Jacobs, Netflix, nor AJ Parker would get a 4-5M APY multi year deal if they were free agents this off-season.

There is no chance of Brockers playing to his contract. None.

There is a chance he’s the #1 guy opposite McNeill week 1… and that DC and Holmes have told him- “brother… this is probably the last rodeo, but we aren’t going to cut you short to save a few bucks. We’d rather have YOU, your attitude, your work ethic, and frankly we know you still have a bit left in the tank. Please give it all to us this year, teach this kids, lift them up, we got you on the $$$….”

Or we trade for him off a SB team to our 3-13-1 squad. Make him restructure… then cut him after everyone has spent their FA money.

The thing about vocal leaders… THEY ARE VOCAL! I’m not sure we need this regime to earn a black eye from dogging a respected vet to save a few dollars they can’t really spend effectively elsewhere.

Brockers struggled last year, but same with Goff… new scheme, inferior talent etc…. Goff got Decker, Reynolds, and St Brown bloomed to contribute to 2nd half resurgence.

Brockers lost, Okudah, AO, Jacobs, Collins, Romeo at various times of the year, and Levi wants healthy to spell him the way they intended.

I bet we see 2 sacks, a better rating and about half the snaps. He gets cut next year


Ok man dang. Lol

Good point about the change of scheme too. Completely neglected to factor that in.

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