Browns have won most games against teams .500 or better with 6; Lions?

How many do the Lions have? The answer in song:

The Bears also have won more games against teams with winning records than the Lions.

Lions are 1-1 against teams over .500.

You can only beat what’s in front of you.

The Lions have played Chiefs, Seahawks, Falcons, Packers, Bucs, Ravens, Chargers, Packers, and Saints who here in week 14 are all still very legit playoff contenders.

Of the other 3 games not vs playoff contenders - 2 were in division.

Only 1 game this year vs a non playoff contender outside our division.

Bears probably beat the Browns Sunday.

You can literally paint any narrative you want.

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Browns have a great defense and will shut down the Bears offense.


I’m sure they’ll hang a banner for that in their ugly space ship looking stadium. I’ll take 9-4 over 5-8, thank you very much.

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I’m not saying I’d switch places. I’m just saying it’s something to be aware of as this team is in a rut.

The Bears are positioned really, really well for the future.

And yes, their stadium is fugly.

I’m just saying, the whole beating .500 teams or over thing doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme when comparing these teams. The Lions are likely headed to the playoffs while the Bears aren’t. Can’t fault the Lions for beating who they should beat, until this recent stretch.

Also, not sure how much validity that I put into the Bears recent stretch. It’s easier, mentally, to win games later in a season when you don’t have much on the line.
They have some nice young pieces but they don’t even know who their QB will be next season and haven’t developed a legit one since the Kennedy administration (pretty much literally) so I’m not sure how well positioned they really are until they sort out the most important position in sports.

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what happens when both teams end up with the same record?

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The Packers, Saints, Falcons, and Bucs would all be at .500, except they played the Lions and lost.
Yet they are all in the playoff hunt. Lions could also help the Vikings to a losing record.
Then it won’t count if we beat them either.

Only team Lions could have beat was Ravens to add to that win total.

The only team left also is Dallas as of now. If Detroit beats Broncos and Vikings they less likely to have winning records.

So what if Detroit ends year 1-2 vs teams over 500?

Lions just need to go 4-0 in the playoffs against those teams…


I hope so but you never know. Just like GB and Miami Monday night. You would have thought GB had already won the division around here.

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I enjoyed the Packers losing to Tommy Devito after many people swore they weren’t losing again this season maybe as much as any Lions win this year.



I actually predicted them to lose. But when Saquon fumbled I was worried. Bears and Packer will be another good game I think as well. Vikings will have their hands full in Cincinnati. Lions need to beat the Broncos.


Smart man, I think they lose again this Sunday as well.

If the Lions can pull their head out of their ass and stop turning the ball over they should clench the division against the Vikings


Agree, Browns are a tough out at home especially

They whoop the bears this week

Also, gotta give it up to GMEN if they go on a run here and miss the playoffs by 1 game because they decided to throw the ball to the most overrated TE in the league instead of run it vs Buffalo……that’s suck for them

Up and coming teams like Miami, Detroit, etc who people are saying this or that about the schedule…well we get a couple quality wins here and start getting hot anything can happen

Beat Denver

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Yea Fields and Bears playing a bad Lions team twice, Panthers, and Vikings with a backup has them talking playoffs. I think reality will hit them hard in Cleveland.

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