Brunell: Jared Goff's Arm Talent 'Best I've Ever Been Around'


No mention if working in “his craft”! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


So many fans are unduly impressed with QBs who can throw 70 yards from their knees and/or gain 100+ rushing yds any given game.

Truth is that 97% of successful QB-ing relies on the kinds of things Brunell underlines here, and other he doesn’t.

  • Accuracy
  • Decision making
  • Ability to read defenses
  • Ability to call the right protections
  • Quick release
  • Knowing when to throw the ball away
  • Ability to deliver w/a defender in your face
  • Commanding the huddle and teammates’ respect
  • Studiousness
  • Limiting turnovers
  • Play fake ability

Many of these are invisible to most fans and definitely less sexy than throwing 40-yd ropes (even when unnecessary) or trucking linebackers. But Goff has ‘em and that has everything to do w/the Lions’ success.


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Payton manning and Tom Brady both agreed that too many of these new QBs are read option only qbs.

Only looking at the deep targets, and if they arnt open they run.

Sure it works a good amount of the time, but against certain defenses or in certain game situations you need to be able to read a defense pre and post snap and make good progressions through ALL of your targets.

Most of those guys cant do that hence why they fall apart in the playoffs.


And this will have an impact on HH!!

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Can’t believe Mark would diss Billy Joe Hobert like that.

Number 1 ALWAYS is a pocket QB. If you’re an elite pocket QB you’re an elite QB period. Pocket QB’s doesn’t mean players who can’t run either.

But Mark Brunell going a little overboard on this one… :laughing:


What gets dismissed is that Goff can throw it 60-70 easy if he’s clean. 50 easy off his back foot.

You can show plenty of vids of Goff throwing a “long ball” to his WR that just isn’t that long. Well, duh. He’s not trying to win a throwing contest. He’s trying to hit his receiver.


55-yarder just for kicks.



Yeah, what does he know.
He has to say that…

to me and those responsibilities every QB has? Goff is vastly aware of them, I’d say it’s second nature to him/ingrained in his memory and thoughts. I think Jared Goff is a borderline Gunslinger ! that guy stands in the pocket and seems so calm , no matter what pressure is coming OR in his face…and he launches that football with natural ability-unlike 90% of the QB’s I have ever seen–Goff does his thing different than any other in his own way and I am proud he is OUR starter !

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I don’t know about gunslinger, or 70 yard bombs…lol. He’s mainly a mid range guy. He’s a safe QB. He doesn’t have a cannon, but he’s also no Jeff Garcia throwing moon balls. He’s got average arm strength. Goff can make all the throws for sure.

Hey, if he plays great, and wins that’s all i care about. I’ll be chanting his name too.


Goff can throw a football 70 yards , he whips the football out with ease-he’s not straining, he doesn’t “strain” to throw bombs…don’t know who your watching @CatholicNinja -seems to me, that you will try anything to pick apart Jared Goff to fit your narrative. you do remember 2023-the entire stadium was chanting JARED GOFF…JARED GOFF…JARED GOFF not because he was a subpar QB with the League. who is elite now @ QB?? Brady’s gone, Aaron is apeshit crazy , we got Mahomes --but Goff is bare min a top 4-5 QB ‘now’ .


Goff doesn’t have an average arm (its definitely above average) and he is definitely not “safe.” Goff is aggressive and makes it look easy. Very few humans have Stafford’s arm, and Goff is not an exception. But both are aggressive in their approach. The difference is in the decision making and the timing of the throws. Both QBs can run the exact same play and both can make a throw that is not “safe.” The difference is Stafford might hold the ball a little longer and trust his ball velocity to get it thru a tight window on time. Goff trusts his ball placement, so he will let the ball go earlier and take a little off of it so that it doesn’t get there too quick.

One surprising stat is how often Goff shows up near the top of the rankings of “turnover worthy plays.” It goes against the narrative of Goff. But when you take a closer look at how often he is throwing to guys who are covered or haven’t uncovered yet, it sheds a light on who Goff is. He just makes it look easy, so people assume it was. Goff is also extremely “in control” of his ball placement. So he doesn’t have alot of throws that end up as interceptions because the ball didn’t go where he wanted it to. Jameis Winston had a 30 INT season. Many people pointed to his decision making and the aggressive style of the offense he was in. But half of his interceptions where due to bad ball placement. Passes that sailed or ended up missing the mark right or left. He didn’t intend for the ball to go where it went.

Here is a play that JT O’Sullivan pointed out that few people would have appreciated as much while watching it live. Goff uses his foot position to move the LB that is in the way of the throw he wants to make. He knows that the defender knows that Goff tends to make mechanically sound throws, so the angle of the foot will tell the angle of the throw. Goff uses this AGAINST the defender. He plants his lead foot to move the LB, then delivers an off platform throw perfectly between 2 defenders. And let me step this up a notch. He not only delivers the pass to the receiver where he can get his hands on it, he does it in a way that the highest level QBs deliver passes (like Stafford). Goff knows that the receiver is going to be in trouble when he catches the ball, so his ball placement allows the receiver to start decelerating and get down. If you put this play up on the big screen and circled where the “perfect pass” would have been placed, its exactly where Goff placed it.


That is a truly great post.


Amazing post!


But this is the pass that people said proved Goff has a weak arm and underthrew Jamo


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Goff’s okay… he’s no Rico.

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