Burrow vs Allen…..MNF!

After a historic duel with Mahomes last year, in a game nobody should have lost, it appears Allen has another tough road in 2022……

Joe Burrow sure looks like he’s getting hot again…. Bengals have a TON of cap space next year and will like back up the Brink truck for Burrows extension and maybe Higgins this off-season. They do have to spend some money on Bates and Bell if they choose, but likely replace one in the draft…. Home grown talent plus Hendrickson, Capps, Collins, and Reader

This bills are already a few million over and not many obvious trims.

The player might die… are you watching?

Having flashbacks of Reggie brown.

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I think they lost him

Oh no, prayers

I hope he makes it . . . my god

Please Lord let him live.


Terrible, I don’t think it was the hit he made. Prayers to the player


:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:…■■■■■■■ sucks, wow, just wow

I saw Chuck Hughes die on the field. He just collapsed after no contact. Cardiac arrest. This brings flashbacks.


They should only resume if his pulse is back and he is alive. If he has passed, no one should play.


Holy ■■■■ what the hell happened1? Haven’t been watching.

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Totally agree, the game is dismissed for now. I can see them suspending until at least tomorrow

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There was a hit (not a-typical). Three players stood up, one collapsed. CPR for 9 minutes. Ambulance. He may not make it . . .

Player for the Bills made a tackle (didn’t look bad) he stood up took one step backwards and collapsed


I agree. My thoughts exactly. Prayers . . .

My goodness that was scary. Normal NFL hit, gets up and just collapses. EMT’s immediately giving resuscitation which means they didn’t get a pulse.

Yeesh thoughts and prayers.

Let’s go Hamlin.

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That’s nuts, hope he makes it, sure reminds me of Reggie Brown


Just tuned in and saw the highlight. That’s absolutely frightening, it reminds me of what happened to the soccer player Eriksen for those who know that story when he collapsed on the pitch and had to be resuscitated. I hope this is less serious than that situation, hard to watch.
I don’t know how they can continue this game. I know I wouldn’t be able to as a player.

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