Buying Into the Hype?

I’ve said quite a few times on this board that I believe this is a 7 to 9 win team this year. I think they take a leap, but we don’t make the wild card or take the division.

Well screw it. I’m here to say this team is winning 10+ games this year and winning this division. Goff is going to have a career year, and we will officially set ourselves up as a team to be wreckoned with for the foreseeable future. Love the players, our front office, HC and coordinators, and even the position coaches. These guys are going to have these guys playing above their talent level and we will finally be the team that surprises everyone.



So … you’re buying into the hype? :grinning:

We all are aware of the positive and negative points that have been made over and over.

I’m pretty much in your camp, I won’t predict 10+ wins, but I think it’s a very real possibility.

A point I don’t think I’ve read yet is — instead of looking at our roster and saying we’ve brought back a 3-13-1 roster — look at it and say “we’re creating continuity with a group of young players” — a core group of hard core players that can grow together.

A lot of these guys were first year players last year. Second year leap?

A lot of guys made big strides last year — smaller but more incremental improvements?

I won’t get into the injured players returning


I think the team really started jelling at the end of last year and, bringing most of them back, means that base of development truly can be built upon.

The power of players being on the same page, consistently executing their assignments, should not be overlooked.

Sum > parts

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I’m a wait and see guy. I’ll re-evaluate after I see the first game. Too much factors in with injuries. Say Rodgers gets hurt week 1. All bets are off for the division.

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Exactly. If you have a roster full of max effort players that can win you a couple games a year that you probably shouldn’t.

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I want to believe

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Buying into the hype for year 3.

The staff seems legit, seem to be adding some good pieces. The talent still needs another year of construction imo though. Not too mention with wideout coming off of knee he probably doesn’t make much of an impact until following season

The fact that they won a game last year with the lack of talent in place, arguably should have won Campbell coach of the year

Year 3 is when the magic happens once have all of the talent in place


This is where I am too. Could things break our way this year and lead to a winning record and playoff appearance? Absolutely. Kinda like it did for the Bills in McDermott’s first year. But I don’t think we’ll be a great team who can stand toe-to-toe with anyone until year 3, regardless of records. Quinntricia just left the cupboard soooo barren.


Me too. I’m going to tell you our precise win total after week 17.

11-6, division, and a playoff win.

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With all of the injuries last year… I Don’t think we are bringing “back” a 3-13-1 team… because Ragnow, Decker, Hock, Cephus, Okudah, ROkwara, and Iffy all missed substantial time… and Levi was apparently quite limited for most of the year. Jacobs was hurt in December, but he really only played much in 8 games. He may end up missing most of the season, so that negates getting one player back.

The free agent class may not have had many new names, but I think Chark was an underrated addition. Chris Board, Deshon Elliott, and Mike Hughes all made positive contributions on playoff caliber teams last year.

That is like adding at least 10 players…. almost 20% of the roster… to the team that went 3-13-1…. and that is before the rookies are considered.


I’ve been back and forth for awhile on how good they could be. Goff has been the biggest limiting factor for my optimism. Just seems like he is getting rave reviews from teammates and coaches alike. Obviously its the off-season and players will be talked up, but I really respected what Kalif Raymond and Brunell had to say.

“I’m just so excited to see JG, man. He’s diming it right now,” Raymond said during last week’s mandatory minicamp. “It’s just cool to brush shoulders with greatness, man.”

“Every time I try to come in the building, try to be the first one in, the last one to leave, and I cannot beat these (quarterbacks),” Raymond said. “I don’t know what they’re doing, I don’t know if they got a bed here or what, but I can’t beat them, those dudes work their butts off, it’s just cool to see it (paying off) right now.”

“When I say he’s had an excellent spring, I’m not kidding,” Brunell said. “He really has done very well with just the learning, his work ethic. He comes out here and he works. He puts the time in, it’s very, very important to him, and just his ability to throw the ball. He has elite arm talent and it’s been fun to watch. I think he’s in a great place right now. Just from last year to this year, he’s better at every aspect of his game as a professional. He’s killing it, he really is.”


Goff to me seems like a very lackadaisical person. Kind of go with the flow. Seems to me that maybe I may have been a little off base, or he is tired of hearing he isn’t a good QB. Maybe he finally loves the environment he is in and the coaches around him and its driving him to be better. Seems like he has a fire lit under him right now and he is out to be the best damn player he can. If we can get that version of Goff, which is a top 5-10 QB, this team has some serious potential.

Combine that with Hutchinson looking like he could have a Nick Bosa year one type impact and this team is drastically better.

Before the draft many were pessimistic about the lions and their moves. They had a good draft and people are excited about Jamo, they should be, but if he is on the PUP and he very well could be then we are talking about week 8-9. The offensive ability and identity changes a little without him. I am still in the 6-8 win camp. I hope I am wrong naturally but I’m also not going to be calling for anyone’s head if they do end up with 6-8 wins.


I 100% agree that even if the Lions only win 6 games this year, I won’t be down on this team. They have a TON of young players playing important roles. There is going to be a learning curve there.

Hutchinson and Williams looks like fantastic prospects, but they may not have day 1 impacts as they adjust to the NFL and that alright.

I personally think Hutchinson is pro ready and will have a significant day 1 impact. I also think the second Williams steps on the field the defense needs to respect his speed. He may struggle to produce early on, but regardless his speed has an impact on every play he is out there.


Short term, no.

Long term, yes.


I’m intrigued by Hughes. He’s been quietly getting better ever year he’s been in the league and now he has great coaches.

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If Hutchinson has a good game against the eagles the league better take notice. The eagles have a very good line with a quality left tackle.

Agreed… he was a 1st round pick and had a 7.75 RAS… despite only getting about 3 points fir his 5’10” height.

He was only 21yo old as a rookie… and will be 25yo for all of 2022.

Hopefully he can stay healthy, because the ability is definitely there… just need the availability as well.

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They will win more than 6 games (no question)

Put a gun to my head, I’ll say 8 games