Caleb Williams leverage?

Does CW have leverage over the bears for not doing the medicals? Could he try and force a trade holding that over their heads?

Also I don’t believe Caleb did any cognitive testing at the combine. Could he refuse to do cognitive testing also?

He already blew the bears off after the combine to do medicals. Is this a power play?

He has no more leverage than anyone else does. They’re all free men. Choose the wrong path and pay the consequences.

Apparently a lot of them are refusing to do the cognitive testing. Rosenhaus or one of the other super agents came out and said he was telling his clients not to do it and others are following suit.

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My bad.

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To be fair to all Williams has given off super heavy Rogers vibes whilst he has done nothing to earn that in the League.

I have believed CW was one of those can’t miss QBs that come out every 4-5 years. The last being Lawrence IMO.

Is CW a bit weird already? Maybe. But he is also the first high level guy to come out of college after making 4-10M in NIL if rumors are to be believed. So he is a different cat. I think he is gonna be good. Very very good. The only question will be if the Bears can use him or if he is walking into a dumpster fire.

His numbers are absolutely silly and insane for 2 years straight. So the production is there and his team mates seemed to love him. So the only red flag is he is looking out for his future contract and that has people upset?

Do his teammates really love him? After their bowl game there were multiple players on USC saying we are finally a team.

Red flags- he plays hero ball and out of structure way to much. He is only 6’1”. He has a god like complex like he is already a top 5 QB in the NFL.

He was dominant yes, but against the pac 12 which is know for have weak defenses.

He is an only child who has always been told he is great, his dad is his agent. He is mentally fragile no grown man that is supposed to be a leader goes and cries in his moms arms during a game. They also don’t paint their nails especially with FU Utah on them.

I do think he will make some highlight reel plays and maybe even like Deshaun Watson when he first came out. But I don’t think he has what it takes for sustainable success unless he humbles himself to the NFL game.


Well time will tell

If anyone thinks they know what QBs will be crap and great you should be on a NFL teams pay roll.

Stroud looked soft and a system QB at OSU. Everyone thought BY was an almost sure thing (not me but I hate short QBs).

So finding who will be a solid viable NFL QB is a very complex equation.


Stroud was the first OSU QB in a very long time that I didn’t view that way and openly said I wouldn’t be upset if the Lions took him. They had other needs but I liked Stroud.

I strongly disagree with this, depending on context. Connected to emotions? OR …emotions running him? Need context.


If he did that at soldier field after losing to the packers he would get eaten alive.

Every only child I know is different type of person.

There’s things to knock Caleb Williams on. But crying after losing a game? Hell, Aron Donald cried after losing to the Packers after a game and McVay walked up and hugged him. Nobody is questioning Donalds manhood.


I think Williams likes being looked at as THAT guy… I think he really enjoys being a celebrity. I question how he’s going to act when he’s getting called out in the media… I can see a Ryan Leaf type blow up happening with him.


Crying is different than crying in your moms arms in the public eye as a grown man.


Penei Sewell does!

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I see more of a LeBron James type. Caleb takes being the best seriously. A guy like Leaf had a complete different set of issues. And as a Lakers fan I’m never been able to buy into Lebron. Wont deny his greatness but never been able to embrace the guy.

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Caleb will probably be good but I don’t see generational talent that people keep saying. I don’t like his character I can see the LBJ comparisons but I don’t see him being a top 5 QB ever in the NFL.

Will get to see the scripted throws tomorrow at his pro day. Which means nothing. Zack Wilson looked great at his pro day lol!!

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Caleb Williams knows how to lose the “big game”. In the NFL, they are all big games.

He runs around and makes a big high light real play now and then throwing deep to a wide open WR. They already had that in Fields. The Bears are downgrading at QB in 2024.

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You should have quoted the entire statement…Lol

Out of the QB needy teams near the top, He needs to end up in NE…Shit roster, awful schedule and a new coach that may or may not be any good.

Chicago/Wash have done a lot this offseason to improve their teams, the Pats have not. Let him go play outside in NE vs the Jets and welcome him to the NFL the right way. screw him and his arrogant ass attitude. Also watching 2 others get taken before him would start off the humbling.

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