Campbell is a cartoon

Love the new coach and staff! Screw him!


I couldn’t give two shits what Valenti thinks. Talk about a clown.


If he wins he’s a maverick, if he loses he’s a clown.

Time and records will settle this.


Valenti and Carlos need to hold hands and take a nice long walk on the beach together!!


Campbell played in the league. That is the difference. Other guys were tough guy poser types. Campbell as we’re seeing him now is very likely how he was as a player in the lockeroom.

Do I like all his antics - can’t say I do. But there is an authenticity to him, and in being a former NFL player, surrounded with a staff of former NFL players I think his “schtick” will go a lot farther and have more players buy into it.

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He isnt wrong. If he wins it won’t matter.

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Its the authenticity that makes it cool for me.


Great coach’s’ have found new and innovative ways to motivate players for years. When it works their a genius and media darlings, when it doesn’t they are called a clown. These players have heard and seen it all since high school. Finding a way to get their attention and find what motivates them to run through a wall for you is critical to having any kind of success. This is especially true on a roster with a depleted talent pool.

Shaq - “Do you guys believe I can hold my head in this bucket of ice for three minutes?” he asked the team. According to Shaq, most of the guys did not believe him, yet Riley did it. “He almost died, but he did it,” said Shaq. “So first thing you have to do is believe.”

I am by no means saying that Campbell is the next Riley, but he is trying to get a team to believe when no one else does. Not the players, not the ownership, not the fans and not the media. I say be extreme Dan, push the boundaries and be innovative and passionate and crazy. We as a team need a leader that is gonna believe enough to move past 50+ years of failure. Do whatever it takes to win, that’s the message and that is what we are seeing, a guy who will do anything and everything for this team no matter how extreme or crazy it gets. Win or lose, we know he is giving us everything he has, his heart and soul because we see it, so do the players. Will it work? Who knows, but this kind of authentic crazy desire to win, love for the players and passion for the game, is not something I have seen before from a Lions coach so I am excited for the journey.


Two thing jump out to me…

This guy is the one sounding douchie…


I love how DC is being himself and not firing his persona to fit the limited framework set by the other HCs thru the years… he already said it himself… “this is me”… I love the fact he will love or die by wins as our HC but he will live and die being honest to himself without compromising who he is; he knows his identity … and it’s not submitting to what other expect of him!


If it makes Valenti feel better, he can replay clips of Quinn and Patricia saying nothing but bland word salad. He can hear Patricia say “from that standpoint” too much.

Campbell is being himself. Everything “controversial” he’s said or done has been from enthusiasm. And the media types paid to clutch their pearls and overreact to things do what they do. Yawn.

I’m judging Campbell on this: The team’s readiness to compete, and its improvement.

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Part of what I like about Valenti is HIS cartoonish behavior. Especially when the Michigan Wolverines are mentioned. This is when he out-cartoons Campbell.

Pot. Meet. Kettle.

Valenti saying something negative about the Lions? Color me shocked.
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He called out Patricia for being a clown as well.

He’s a football coach not a diplomat. Some people take life way too serious. Bum Phillips and Rex Ryan both made back to back conference championship games. John Madden won a super bowl. They were all goofballs. It can work.

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It’s hard to take a guy seriously who lost a fight to a flaming steak.

And he gets ahead of the curve. When the Lions inevitably fail, he can do the all-to-loved I told you so and point back to this article.

Detroit media: Jim Caldwell needs to show more personality. He needs to show more fire!
Detroit media: not like that


You could let Karen…err mike… pick the coach and he’d still bitch. He’s the clown. Carlos and Mike need to run away together.
Of course Karen jr hated Howard too so this is actually a good thing

I have to admit, I wondered if the helmet thing could be an attention grab.
I haven’t seen the video, so I have zero context.
Love our coach, and think he’ll create a winner here. I’m not passing an ounce of judgement. Just rooting. Dan doesn’t strike me as a drama queen at…freakin’…all.
So the helmet thing has me curious. I haven’t seen the interview yet, and all I’ve seen are 35 second clips of it that will lack context. I wanna see the entire clip.