Carlos Monarrez is an idiot

Yes, Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions should split. Too bad he already screwed it up (

He actually wrote an article saying that announcing lions want to trade Stafford decreased his trade value, shows disloyalty, makes him a bad teammate and a bunch of embarrassingly dumb things:

“If I’m an interested team, I don’t make a serious offer until the day before the deadline, when the Lions are in panic mode.” Panic mode? A quarter of the NFL has called about getting him already!

“it’s still a selfish move, and one that could hurt trade negotiations; suitors will have to consider Stafford’s motivations.” -Um…tired of losing and getting brutalized on and off the field (by crazy reporters)?

“The Lions didn’t treat Stafford poorly…They didn’t bench him or trade away his best receiver or retain a losing regime.” Uh, they actually did bench him one year, drive his best receiver to hang up the cleats (then put their hand in his pocket) and they retained multiple losing regimes! What is Carlos talking about.

The article is fun to read when you look for how many things he’s going to regret saying on the record. IMHO.

So for the 10,000th time, why start a thread and give him clicks if you don’t like it?

I’m guessing at this point some of you guys are him or make money posting his stuff. Thats the only way I can fathom it anymore.


Maybe you should lock it… :man_shrugging:

I would love to but that would be extremely foul, unless you guys see something offensive in the link (or its a bogus link).

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It’s embarrassing.

I miss Killer and Mike O’Hara. They were actual beat writers, not assholes auditioning for ESPN or Bar Stool.


Its not offensive…at least not to me…but if its making Monarrez money I’d say shut it down…LOL


Maybe we can change the CoC to consider making Carlos money offensive.

Ha Ha Lol GIF


You know something, Wes. You’re right! I had a moment and didn’t think it through. This is my 1st time making such a post. Imma delete it (once I figure out how).

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Maybe this can be a public service announcement, reminding everyone to never clock on a Carlos Monarrez article.

They are all garbage.

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Seriously, does anyone know how to delete a topic…?

C.Monarrez did his job. You saw the “click-bait” title, clicked on it, and then read his work. Then you reposted it for others to read (including a link). Not a negative on you @SchemeTheDream, just more a positive of what Monarrez did as a journalist for his employer.

He is playing a part. Maybe not %100 playing, but he purposely structures his writing to gather a reaction out of the reader. Whether it be good or bad. Howerd Stern was the master of this.

From Colin Cowherd, to Jim Rome, to Skip Bayless, to Stephen A. Smith. They all play a character to some degree and Carlos applies it to his work. I’m not saying I agree with everything he says, simply that everything he writes is geared more towards gaining attention (which he did with you), rather than expressing his true feelings on a subject.


Then Carlos isn’t a journalist. That would make him an entertainer. And therein lies a problem that goes well beyond sports, but in the examples you mention (Stern, Stephen A, etc) not one is a journalist.

Ted Koppel is a journalist.
Jeremy Schaap is a journalist.


Lions hold almost all of the cards in this negotiation.
Just my take on it :wink:

Don’t worry about it man. Don’t delete it.

Carlos is what he is…I tend to stay away since his schtick is pulling emotional chords and getting reactions.

He can do what he wants…I just have better things to do with my time.

I didn’t even read your post, just cruised through the thread and saw your response.


Didn’t know that. I definitely fell for it!

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Fair enough. I won’t defend the integrity of Carlos Monarrez. I was using the term “journalist” as a title of a job occupation. Two “Doctors”…There’s bad ones and good ones…but they both still hold the title of Doctor. I don’t think the problem is having “entertainers” and “journalist” in our general media voices. The problem lies in the individuals who consume it that can’t tell the difference between the two.

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So when Indy calls Stafford’s agent to talk about his views on a long-term deal and Stafford’s camp says, “we were hoping for something different than Indy”. Does Indy give up a 1st plus for a QB that doesn’t want to be there or do they say, well maybe we’ll look elsewhere?

Lions have all the cards, but Stafford has a very big trump card. Now he’ll likely never play that trump card, unless he’s going to the Jets/Jax/Hou or some other team that’s rebuilding like the Lions are.

Stafford would absolutely go to Indy. He wants to win. That’s it. He’s sitting on more cash than Namibia and he’s got the numbers where if he wins one SB he’s a sure fire Hall of Famer.

Out of the mentioned he would IMO no doubt go to:

SF, IND, DAL, LAR or New England

The rest I’m less certain of. I’d think he’d say yes to Denver or Las Vegas. I think the Panthers giving their youth, talent and Joe Brady might be of enough interest.

I’m somewhat doubtful about Washington although perhaps Rivera and the division make that alluring. I doubt Houston would work despite the Texas thing. They’re just too far away for what he’s looking for.

I think it’ll come down to SF, DEN and Indy

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Of course he will, it was just an example to show Stafford has some say in this.

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I agree … lol

I wish when people shared his stories they would put a disclaimer up so that I’d know not to click on it.