Carter pleads no contest to charges from wreck

No I did not and she didn’t ask either.

It was a racing and speeding incident.

The dispatcher didn’t ask any real details. Multiple people called in which I’m sure happened here too.

All she asked was if anyone was seriously hurt and I said yes. She asked where it happened at and I told her. She stated they were aware of it and an ambulance and officers were already on the way.

I gave my information and asked if they wanted me to stick around and I was told no that an officer would call me if they had any questions.

I stuck around until the officers arrived and they blocked off the situation and asked everyone to leave. Told us our friend was diseased.

No officer called any of us and three days later I called into the officer investigating and gave my statement along with my friends who witnessed the accident.


I missed that detail.

This make Carter the best non-contested catch player in the drsft.

Bro, here’s a clip from the Atlanta Journal Constitution
“A middle-of-the-night telephone call alerted Athens’ police chief to a fatal car crash involving two University of Georgia football players and two recruiters. It wasn’t an officer on the scene who notified the chief minutes after the crash, however. It was an employee of Georgia’s football program who frequently intercedes when players run afoul of the law.”

That person’s name is Bryant Gantt.
That’s who some of us have jokingly referred to as The Wolf or The Cleaner.


Yesterday I posted my concern for him and the support he needed to get him through this period of time. Just for his well being.

You’re right ,The Detroit Lions is where he needs to be.


Interesting angle I just google’d.

Brad Holmes was a defensive tackle, and while in college he was in a car accident that left him in a coma.

Was he drag racing?

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Shit, quite the story. 3 weeks in the hospital, almost died. Can’t believe this never came up on the den before. Or at least not that I saw.

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If Brad dresses in drag that’s his own business.

Drag Queen Pride GIF by YouTube

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It’s a misdemeanor. Which means its barely a charge. Which means nothing. He was racing because a lot of people like to race, and have fun. These are human being with lives. That’s also not that big of a deal. What happened is beyond tragic. Regardless of him staying, leaving, coming back, taking 3 steps, or 10 steps, walking or jogging is blown out of proportion. I’m sure the guy was in a full blown panic.

I don’t care about their personal lives. I care if they’re a good football player.


Going to continue putting faith is Brad and Ray with these drafts as they have hit far more than missed with our picks the last 2 years.

This could potentially be the most important draft we have had in a VERY long time considering the talent and expectations this team has coming out next season. I doubt he will take someone at #6 he hasn’t did a ton of work with inside and out.

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THIS was my original suspicion. This IMO further muddles the picture. A guy who was a teenager 15 minutes ago is being counseled on what to xo in protecting the school, himself, his multimillion dollar career, etc.

I think the only way to get to the truth is to talk to him directly & get a read on his energy. All sorts of gray area here, imo

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If he had nothing to worry about then why would it hinder his ability to workout?
Working out would be the best thing for him for stress.

I feel like these are the kind-of excuses we started hearing about CRog and Fairley and then everyone was so surprised they flaked-out and sucked. No thanks!


Proof Goff can’t win the SB. Let’s ditch him now


We probably need a QB who can run but not pass, good thing there’s one in this years draft.


Don’t you dudes start turning this into another QB thread…haha

With that said, maybe Jalen Carter can play QB, he’s about the same size as JaMarcus Russell and he went 1st overall! Both have high level decision making skills!


“Circumstances” as Chuck Pagano called them in his famous locker room speech.


I think the team would be willing to add 1 or 2 elite talent players with questionable character considering we have the rest of team built with very high quality indivduals. I dont think Dan was lying when he said he doesnt need ALL choir boys.

Also - Make no mistake about it…you wont have to be a choir boy to be a good man. Lots of great men are TOTAL badasses…like Sewell. He’s no choir boy & he is the best warrior we’ve got, IMO (outside of coach Campbell, of course)

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