CB’s 2023 Draft

This years Corner Back room is stacked! Who do you guys like and why? Who do you think fits the Brad Holmes mold… I’ve been watching Emmanuel Forbes and Christian Gonzalez. I like both of them a lot.

I can’t wait to see Brad Holmes masterclass again comes draft time. Also very interested in seeing if we attack free agency and possibly make a few trades :eyes:

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I think we need to come away with at least 1 of the top guys. And by top guys I mean someone in the top 8-10 corners.

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This has been talked about in several threads lately

I meant for that to be a link to the other thread not one post sorry. That being said i want Gonzales and Branch both

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Kid Forbes out of Mississippi st. Is my sleeper

Which one was a team captain? Probably will be who Brad selects lol

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Double down on cbs would be nice. But i perfer porter jr, branch

You make a good point here. When we are throwing around names we need to keep this in mind. Particularly as we get out of the 1st round.


Hardest position to evaluate in football, CB’s

Let’s hope the Lions nail it come draft time

I assume Okudah and AO will both be gone?

JO needs to go. Had a few decent games, but cant keep him on the field. Like to spend money on a vet CB and draft one. Also either spend money on a lb or dt as well

i think more like 1 of the top 3 would really make me do a hand spring and a back flip celebration

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