CeeDee Lamb vs Jerry Jeudy and the Lions WR situation

Let’s talk WR a moment here.

The Lions have M. Jones and Galladay on the final year of their contracts and no one developing behind them. Toss in the fact that Amendola is a FA and getting old. Bottom line is we need WRs.

I’m expecting Galladay to get extended this offseason or BQ should be fired. But behind him the Lions have no long term answers at WR and no real developmental prospects.

Based on what BQ did with an aging Tate I could see MJ being trade bait this offseason.

So WR is clearly a need. We need at the very least a real developmental prospect.

Sure we could resign a few stop gaps like Kearse or Amendola and continue that route but I think the Lions need to invest on some youth at WR. So let’s look at the two biggest names coming out in Lamb and Jeudy. Plus I’ll mix in a few more options I like.

Jeudy is unlike few prospects in recent years. His ability to suddenly stop, start and accelerate will make him a huge asset in short and medium routes. Opposite Galladay the Lions would have a dominating tandem that few teams have the DB’sto match up with.

Lamb I really like. Maybe even more than Jeudy. I like WR’s with good route running ability and I see a lot of D. Hopkins in Lamb. His ability to create seperation is something I’ve long coveted for Matt Stafford. I wouldn’t be shocked if Lamb turns out to be the best WR in this group.

Jalen Reager has been a steady WR for TCU and he reminds me of Brandin Cooks due to his size and athleticism. I liked Cooks and Stephan Diggs coming out and this kid falls in that mold of a WR.

So … I’m not saying take one of these guys at 3 but if the Lions got a serious trade down offer from say Miami, Carolina or San Diego than I’d really be on board with grabbing a WR at some point early in this draft.

I would like to talk about which WR’s you all like in the draft and at what point you’d take one.

No idea on prospects yet, but the clear value is to look for them in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Every year there are a number of guys in those rounds, that come in and produce immediately.

Between those two, it is Jeudy for me. I see a faster Antonio Brown without the fucked up head. But, I will be watching Okudah.

I think the Lions still like Travis Fulgham, Chris Lacy, and Marvin Hall. Duhart is also on the PS (ODU tandem w/ Fulgham).

I wouldn’t go WR round 1, but later in the draft, yep.

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Agreed, resign the guys we have.

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I watch a lot more college football than the NFL. Anyway, I would be happy with Michael Pittman USC in the 3rd. The Lions should be focused on D in rounds 1 and 2, unless there is great value for an OL.

None of those guys have shown their worthy of anything more than depth.


I do like lamb personally between the two. I do think WR could be an issue for Detroit within a year. Meinkie was suggesting that the lions might let KG play out his deal and franchise him and save the money this offseason for more pressing needs. I am not sure how I feel about that idea. I feel like we should pay KG and show him a little respect.

I wouldn’t want the lions to take any WR in the first rd, no matter how tantalizing it would make the offense. I do think the further development of TJ might take some of the pressure off.

I do like Marvin hall and lacy’s potential within our own group. DA has quietly had one of his best seasons stat wise. I wouldn’t mind him coming back for another year…

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I know no one wants to spend a top 3 pick on a WR. Me either but what if Miami offered two firsts?

Or we traded down…

bottom line is WR is a need and definately in play at some point. So who do you like and where?

I really want to keep the if we should or shouldn’t out of the thread. It’s far too early to discuss that. I mainly want to discuss who and where if we did.

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Yep. Just look at the game tonight with Metcalf, Samuel and Lockett, all 2nd and 3rd rounders or hell, even Golladay. There’s lots of receiver successes outside the 1st round, every year. I’m actually a big Jeudy fan but the Lions have more pressing needs and have other picks to address receiver.

Good post. I agree if we don’t lock-up Golladay this off season somebody needs to get the ax. I tend to like Lamb as I agree I think he will be the best WR in this draft but there are probably about 6 who will go in the 1st round. A guy I like is Jefferson LSU, because he may be there in the second and we have bigger needs in the 1st. you can watch him tomorrow night. He looks a little brittle for the NFL at 6’3" and 193 but has a huge catch radius and can out-leap anyone. Stafford will appreciate that. We do have Marvin Hall in the wings and he looked like a true deep threat before getting injured. We do need someone to take the top off the defense so finding a speedster wouldn’t hurt either and usually they can be found later in the draft. At what we pay Marvin Jones and our “Martha mandate” in 2020 I don’t think he is going anywhere. I think McKissic could replace Amendola in the slot.

Quite a few guys hitting FA too. It can take a WR a couple years to adjust to the NFL game so getting one in Free Agency lets you know what you are getting, unlike the draft (lots of early round disappointments at that position). Robby Anderson from the Jets would be nice but he is going to cash-in big time so we won’t get a shot. The Jets have tons of cap space and a young QB so that is just a new year’s wish.

by the way it is Golladay

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I like Lamb and Jeudy and separation/route running is important. I also think you can get receivers open from a lot pick plays.

If the Lions trade back and get an extra 1st and a WR is the BPA, I would probably pull the trigger. I need to watch more film on other WRs though. Maybe BQ can find another gem like KG in the mid rounds.


Lamb and Hopkins is a comp that I really like.

I do think we will add a WR but I hope it’s later in the draft. It wouldn’t surprise me if one of Chase Claypool, Michael Pittman, Isaiah Hodgins or Bryan Edwards were available in the 4th. I think all three would be great heir apparent to Marvin. Devin Duverney would be my choice if we needed a slot though he would probably have to be taken with our 3rd if he gets that far.

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Yeah I know but Autocorrect seems to hate that spelling and I get tired of constantly having to correct it every time I hit post.

By the way thanks for participating in topic.

No way in hell they trade Marv a few months after his kid passed.

The optics of that and how it would play in the locker room would kill 2020 before it started

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I see where you are coming from. I don’t think that hinders them. If somehow they could deal him to a California team, they could even use that as an advantage to be closer to his family

If you can extend Marvin for 2 or 3 years, for about $9-10 million per I think you do it. He is a quality WR, who shows up when it matters and is a great teammate/ high character player.



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That’s a good point and probably true but if they drafted his replacement (and he wasn’t in the long term plans) then they could give his replacement time to adjust and then trade Jones at the trade deadline. Similar to what they did with Tate.

I don’t think you get better in 2020 trading Marvin Jones for a draft pick

I don’t see Marv being traded while they are on the hotseat.