Chark got 1 yr 5M…

  • this tells me they offered him 150 targets to build his case for next FA, and Detroit didn’t offer much more…. This tells me we are either taking a WR in round 1, or likely won’t take on til round 5-6….

I doubt they would gamble in their guy being there in 2-3 if they felt they needed that player to secure the WR- thus they either feel much better or worse about Jamo than we think.

If they are truly worried, I bet they go WR in one- if not- I bet they wait til 5


This tells me they are happy with jamo


It tells me they weren’t so happy with Chark.




Yes, Charlie ■■■■■■■ Jones, good move to get the guy you really want.

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This tells me the Lions don’t believe in him and I am guessing this is based on health or belief he will stay healthy. Holmes has the $.

In the NFL to be good you need three good WRs, four good CBs, three good RBs and so on.

I think the Lions have a hole at WR as you need 3 good ones and I don’t believe in Josh Reynolds s a starting outside WR. Amon Ra and Jameson Williams are great answers. Josh is an okay #4 and I like our punt returner Kalif Raymond.

I smell WR early.



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Quentin Johnson anyone?

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No thank you.


A shorter, slower version of chark who struggles to catch the ball with his hands?



And Reynolds.


Seems more likely he went where he can maximize potential and future earnings. Detroit could’ve been his last contract.

Detroit easily could’ve offered more, but at what cost? If he’s betting on himself, and has a breakout year (unlikely in Detroit but very possible in Carolina), he makes bank next year.


JSN or Addison for me if we WR at #18

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I am constantly reminded of the old saying: in the NFL, the best ability is avail-ability.

I can see the lions taking a DT or DE with #6 and using #18 to get a WR. If the guy they really like is still there, they could use their later second or third round pick to move up in the first round.

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He’s the pick if he’s there at 18.
Acrobatic, makes people miss, great body control.
Even though Chark was taller and skinnier, this guy is a tougher more athletic version of Chark 6’2.5", 4.40 (pro day pending). Either way, just a way better football player. He’ll learn to catch with his hands, once Lif and Saint get him on the jugs machine.

Book it: Quentin (don’t cll me Johnson) Johnston, pick 18.


Are you talking about the right guy? Shorter, nope, actually he’s taller. Slower? Checks notes expected to run similar time in the 40. Same 40” plus vertical guy, longer broad than Chark

Edit to add an error on my end: NFL website has them both as 6’3” guys

yup. No reason to make it more complicated than it is. With that deal they could have gotten him back with no sweat.

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I think Charks health is a big factor here. He missed him with the same injury as in the past. I can’t help but wonder if the Lions see that injury as reoccurring or debilitating and wanted no part of it

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Mix of that and him likely being the number 1 option in Carolina, so he could get a bigger contract in the offseason

similar to Juju with the chiefs (Signed for 1 year 9mill)

thats my thoughts personally

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When I look at all of the events up to this point, and seeing the final term and dollar amount, this tells me a few things.

One, Detroit could’ve easily afforded 5 million per year, but must not have liked what they saw last year with his ankle to pay any more. Chark is a good WR, but as stated above, your best ability is availability. If I remember, Chark signed a 1 year 10 million dollar deal with us last year. The fact he couldn’t stay healthy again, cost him half of his value over 1 season, and was enough for Detroit to say no to beating a deal that was 50% off from last year.

Tying to the first point, I think that Chark and his agent tried to play the Lions and Panthers off of each other to create a bidding war, and it didn’t work. It’s possible the Lions offered a bit more money, and Chark said no because Carolina offers him a better chance for more catches to boost his value. In Detroit, he is splitting carries with Jamo/Amon Ra/Reynolds/Raymond, and whatever rookie is sure to follow. In Carolina, even with a rookie QB, rookie QB’s tend to go to vets and he is at the top of the pyramid there with DJ Moore gone.

I think there’s a few factors all at play here, to me the most interesting one is that Chark’s value around the NFL is seriously diminished. Your value is always based on what someone is willing to pay you. Chark went from a 10 million a year guy, to a 5 million a year guy in one season. The Lions paid him a hefty amount last year hoping his ankle was a fluke injury. The fact it happened again showed all the NFL it wasn’t a fluke, they think it’s a trend, and no one else stepped up and offered a better contract or situation than Carolina did.

This offseason’s contracts have been very interesting. We’ve seen multiple guys overplay their hands. The market is the market.