Charles McDonald walks back F grade on Lions 2023 draft | The Exempt List -


Glad he’s at least he’s a big enough man to admit it. A lot of those folks just ignored they ever dogged the Lions for their picks, or made excuses after they were proven wrong.


I love these lazy analyst know it alls, they grade us out on our history verses what Brad and company work at. At least Charles walks back his take, I doubt he will get lazy on Brad in the future.

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Respect , the guy said “I couldn’t be more wrong”, he owned his mistake, he didn’t well this or that. Give him alot of credit most just start with the what ifs


Here’s the issue I have. They used to object bc “that guy’s a bum.” Now these draft analyst are getting all butt hurt by the organization’s team building strategy. You’re a draft analyst. I don’t want you talking about how it affects the organization’s approach to FA. Did you like the players or not and why? That’s all I care to read about from them post draft.


Rare to see in today’s media.


If this was Holmes’ first draft, then I woulda questioned those picks. But as I watched the draft, and I started questioning the picks, i stopped myself and said “I trust these guys, they drafted well previous two drafts, let the pros do thier jobs”. The pundits just do knee jerk reactions.

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100% agree. Too much draft analysis boils down to “Well, I’d build the team differently.” Who TF cares how you’d build the team? You’re barely interesting as an amateur scout, let’s not pretend you have anything useful to say as amateur GM.

I will say this video is great though.


I wasn’t singling Charles out. I think PFF is the absolute worst at the armchair GM. But they’re content needs are so vast that they have to resort to good chunks of BS.

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The only thing that came remotely close to that was McDonald’s C+ grade for LaPorta because he felt Michael Mayer was a better TE.

Obviously, he was dead wrong. Lions got a second team All Pro, Pro Bowler, and an historic record setting season.

Mayer had a decent season typical of a rookie TE.

Holmes 100

McDonald 0

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So what I like is they kind of stayed on the front end of these positions.

Gibbs second RB off board
Campbell 1st LB off board
LaPorta 1st TE off board
Branch maybe 1st safety off board???

Anyway he basically got the best guy in the draft at 3-4 positions. Which is interesting


Still, not one click given.


Depends on how you view will mcdonald (jets)
Was picked after kincaid so 2nd te
Looks like the first safety yes

It’s even more than that. He explains that he thought the Lions should package picks to move up and get a QB.

So not only is he not just grading the players they took, but the root of the F grade is that it reflects his opinion of Goff, a player from a draft 7 years ago.

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That part of his take wasn’t in the original draft article itself, but further condemns him to the Hall of Shame.

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I give Charles McDonald an F Grade as draft a analyst

In today’s news… water is wet.


Underlines our debt as Lions fans to Brad Holmes. When a LOT of pundits insisted that Goff could only be a “throw-in” to The Trade, Brad said, well, actually… When a LOT of pundits insisted that the Lions didn’t get positional value in the draft, Brad said, well, thank goodness Y’ALL aren’t in charge of the Lions’ rebuild; that’d be me!

This is where Sheila Ford Hamp deserves a ton of credit. Because it cannot be easy to be a 1st-time GM and make these huge ZIG moves when the majority of people paid to have informed personnel opinions are smugly insisting that the smart move is to ZAG. But Brad and the Lions braintrust have the courage of their convictions - and I love it.

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I don’t really have anything against Charles–at least he turned his mistake into good content. But yeah, I’ll buy that an armchair scout can tell me something insightful about draft prospects. It’s when they get into overall team-building analysis that there’s no reason to listen to them over anyone else with an opinion on the internet.

Like seriously, what are your qualifications to claim that YOUR rebuilding plan is better than Brad Holmes’ or anyone else’s? Help me try to understand what my GM is thinking, what they see in this guy over this guy, why they’re making the decisions they’re making. That would actually be useful. I’m 100% uninterested in what YOU’D do if you were a GM. There’s, like, a reason that you’re not.

Yep, like why did some have Reuben Foster ranked so high and Alvin Kamara not.