Charlie Campbell 4/22 mock draft

#29 JPJ C/OL
#61 Keon Coleman WR
#73 Nehemiah Pritchett CB
#164 Sione Vaki S
#201 Mekhi Wingo DT
#205 Tyrone Tracy RB
#249 Nate Lynn Edge

I think last year he was the closest of all the guys who did mocks to what our eventual picks were. Not sure if he has another mock prior to the draft but this one is from today.

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Keon Coleman? The profile terrifies me but at 61 sure I’ll take a whack at that piñata.

73-205 is a group I really like. Not sure Pritchett is my favorite choice of the corners at 73 but 6’ and 4.38 is a good starting point.

Vaki is a guy that I really want on the Lions. Tracey is nice Gibbs insurance. Wingo give us that interior juice.

Not in love with JPJ at 29 but I don’t hate it either.

Is #61 Kevin Coleman or was it meant to read “Keon” Coleman? Keon Coleman at 61 would be great! Kevin Coleman? Not so much…

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Short of charges that he was dancing the Macarena nude with a crack pipe in the middle Hart Plaza, there is no way that Mekhi Wingo will fall to #201. Someone had to say it…

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That was the last mock he did. This is the one from this morning…

Has us taking Ennis Rakestraw at 29, Keon Coleman at 61.

Ceedee Lamb cousin, Big xWR

Love me some Nehemiah Pritchett… gotta trade down and grab him late 3 though so we picked up a 4th.

Yes Keon, not sure why that happened.

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All the CBs go 22-25

Gotta trade up to Miami pick. Go get our guy

Give them our 5th + 2025 3rd (get a pick back)

EDIT he has Jared Verse at 31?

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If Keon Coleman is around at 61 I would be hard pressed to pass on him.

But again it is all about the board. Do you take him over some Oline guy you loved?

I am of the opinion that you can find WR help along the way but the Lines are always the challenge. College or Pro. The game starts up front. And on defense an elite DLine that can get home with just 4 makes any weakness in the back 7 almost disappear. So while I do like my flashy offensive guys the Lions need to keep the Lines flush with talent and competition


My thoughts almost exactly. Solid all around but nothing I’m super excited about. Would be one of those solid doubles (or at least gets on base) all around drafts.

Please let this one happen

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Wonder when they changed it because I took my info from 20 minutes ago from his draft.

I just went back and it shows JPJ.

I’ve heard multiple formats state that the Lions love Rakestraw as a football player…maybe more than just in box evaluating from a skill set of a corner. But they value football players over specific position skill sets. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the pick…and people will say we reached but the Lions org will be happy with it.


I’m going to be excited about Vaki. Might be my favorite player in the draft just from a standpoint of fun.

Mikey Sainristil in round 3 where he belongs… same for Luke McCaffrey

Kris Jenkins to Jim Harbaugh round 2

Lions go WR round 2 XL/Coleman/Polk

Xavier Worthy a COLT

Just get Blake Corum to the Ravens and it’s all good

I don’t think he’s going to be the Straw that stirs the drink in the secondary.

Watching DeJean, Verse, and Brian Thomas come off the board the picks right before us would kill me.


@Wenotme he has kingsley going 32 to KC


He does have round 1 traits… but he also has day 3 tape. By far the worst footwork of any olineman being discussed in the first 2 days. Yeah maybe Sewell could motivate him to learn… but he has a long way to go. He isnt pro ready. He is all potential. I like him in the future. But he doesnt add to the 2024 Detroit Lions. And he is very boom or bust. Not a safe pick.

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Good call, let’s let someone else draft him then just sign him in 4-5 years.

He’ still be only 26 yeras old then

He definitely had the highest-scored overall mock, though I don’t remember how well he did with us specifically. Actually has had the highest-scored mock the past two years.

Of course Josh Norris had the highest-scored mocks the two years prior to that (including what I think was the highest one ever?), and has been terrible the past two years. The draft will make the best of them look like fools.