Charlie Weis on the Lions

Head Coach Charlie Weis on


just now: “…(The Lions) didn’t just beat them, they whooped them-I watched a lot of that game…They were tough and physical on defense…” He said similar about the Lions offense, then, “It’s tough to not like what the Lions are doing.”


Is he talking about the Eagles game?



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OMG I did not see that during the game. That is terrible. I would have been steamed if that was the Lions O-Line.

[email protected] announcer states…good protection this time.

I also like that little hop skip move Snacks makes. Like a kid playing a game.

You can’t get a holding penalty if you don’t block anybody. That’s next level chess stuff those guys were using there.


That’s flat out embarrassing

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Thing is…they all let up about the same time. That tells me the play call was for a quick hitter and the ball was supposed to come up quick. But the Lions were all over the guy and Wentz held the ball and started to improvise…

Really poor none the less because obviously you play to the whistle but you gotta believe that they went to the line and based on the play call expected the ball to be gone very quickly.

You run those plays in practice/walkthroughs and it’s like “Snap…bang bang…ball is gone” Unfortunately in practice the guy isn’t blanketed and the QB forced to scramble


To defend them the O-Line has a clock as well and Wentz was back there like 6 or 7 seconds …that ball needed to be out along time before that.

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Exactly what I was saying above…they were expecting the ball to be gone based on the play call I am sure

But I expect they won’t be making that mistake again given this went viral :slight_smile:

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Play til the whistle… That’s little league 101


Baldinger is not happy.

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What’s cool about that play is that Flowers took on 3 blockers. He stops and they stop thinking the pass was thrown. He then tears after the QB.

Eagles are going to win at Lambeau

The Lions really just need to clean up the penalties and tackle better on Defense. All the mistakes the Lions are currently making are all correctable and you have to assume they will get better as the weeks go on. These next 3 games are going to tell us what the Lions are all about. The KC game I don’t even give a shit about, we all know KC is a beast on offense. Win the division games against the Packers and Vikings we will be in good shape.


Thats what made me a little mad yesterday, was the poor tackling. I thought they were way better than what they showed.

Head coach of who exactly?

Flowers is blossoming !

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I just don’t see this whole “they whooped them” statement. Eagles were in this game right up until th end and if it wasn’t for that last dropped pass, they might have even beat us.