Chi vs GB....It's here!

Its finally here! Real football that hasn’t been around since Jan. Granted, its two teams that I don’t give a rat’s ass about, but it counts! Meaningful games with two rivals where we all can sit around and rag on. Or gage on how we may fare against them. Not rooting for either, but would like a GB win. Only because I believe we will fair better against them in the long run. Chi “D” vs Our OL, frankly scares the shit out of me.


I’m feeling GB and taking the 3 points.

I hope the Bears miss the game winning field goal

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I like GB in this one.

Good point Wes, will goalpost arise to the occasion?

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I’m excited to watch this one. I do care about both of these teams…because I want them both to lose. I tend to dislike GB more than I dislike Chicago, so from an NFL fan standpoint, I’d want the Bears to win. From a Lions fan standpoint, I want GB to win, as winning the division is the clearest path to the basket for Lions making playoffs. I think Chi is a tougher obstacle for us, so I’m rooting for Packers, tonight.

I’m cheering for the refs today lol but on the real I hope Chicago’s defense gets exposed and as always I hope Rogers has a bad game

What’s the best way to insert gifs on this forum?


Rodgers may retire after this one…

Nahhh, he’ll retire after week 6.

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I sure hope no one gets injured in this game…

Ok who do we root for? Defending division champs or the team most pick this year?
Who NEEDS this win more? I say the bears need it much more




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I bet Martha’s watching. I believe she was sweet sixteen when this league formed. Oh, nice porn 'stache Aaron.

With your computer.

Packers still -15 yards total offense! wow!

Is GB D this good, or is Chi O terrible?