Chi vs GB....It's here!

GB Defense should be good. They have invested heavily.

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Bit of a snoozer so far.

so far, I feel like we should beat either of these teams
I know it’s the first game, and all


Defense is so misleading first few weeks of year while offense finds its stride.

I think Chi offense is limited by trubisky though

Yeah but they lost a lot of guys too. Nick Perry, Clay, Mike Daniels, etc.
It’s not like they were really upgrading as much as just back-filling spots.

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Rodgers always buys at least 3 more seconds.


Yeah, we should probably see how good/bad our offense is first. We might make these 2 teams offenses look good.

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LOL - that could be true. Bears front 7 will own our OL.

Lots of quick developing pass plays in those games

Yeah, that front 7 against our O-line could be ugly.

I would not trust him to pull out on time.



27 more days, 27 more days …

Yeah, not with that moustache!


That’s them surrendering to our illustrious roar.
In the words of Robin Zander, we’re all alright…all alright…

LOL - Our fake lion roar should be replaced. It’s pretty bad.

Both of these offenses look awful.

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Never say “I like GB”.

Now go wash your mouth out with soap!


God I hate the Bears and Chicago fans.

GB defense is improved.

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Pretty happy with the scouting report, so far. Nothing too scary out there.

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