Chiefs vs. Lions: Poll Time

Where do you stand? Will the Lions beat the Chiefs?

  • Yes
  • No

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With a healthy Slay, a herculean task. Without a healthy Slay, close to impossible.


I voted no.
Unless somehow Patricia comes up with more pass rush this week. Maybe then we have a chance.
We will need 110 plus yards as a team rushing as well.

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I said no because I gave them a poor season record too and I’m hoping I’m jinxing it :slight_smile:

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My only concern is the pass rush. Which sounds obvious, but after not-so-awesome showings, I’d have to imagine Patricia has something up his sleeve.

That’s what I am hoping. This is a chance to show his defensive genius.

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Damien Williams ruled out.

That helps some even though he hasn’t been as much of a factor this season compared to the end of last season and the playoffs:

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I voted yes , I think KC is beatable as is any team we face, they do not scare me, I expect both the offense & defense to only get better as we play, I have FAR more trust in Bevell than I ever had in JBC. we have a lot of weapons on the offense that we haven’t tapped into yet, as they have been playing other roles, Stafford has been learning and improving his game and never quits.
I think our pass rush is underrated, I think Patricia just wanted to keep opponents in front of our defenders and not split our defense up by having part of our line just go after the QB.

I think you can disrupt the QB by taking away his lanes and targets, getting yourself in position to make plays on the football…every bit as much as hitting and sacking him.

I think Slay will be back quite soon, if not this game and we have playmakers there that can cause trouble so I think we can eek out a win.

I had to say yes… Confident in how we scheme.

If we’re down both Daniels and Hand, I’m feeling less optimistic about my vote …

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With a healthy Slay, close to impossible. Without a healthy Slay, impossible.

All joking (kind of) aside, I don’t think it’s an impossible task. The Chiefs are far from a flawless team. It’s really one guy who runs the engine and of course that one guy is damn tough to stop but I actually give the Lions a fighting chance being at home especially. Not much of a chance but they have a shot if they play their A game.

if they break one of Mahones legs in the first quarter…

Voted a tentative yes :wink: yeah pretty weasel-like, but can’t vote against the club, want them to win.

If we have enough healthy D-players we have a shot as I believe that MP can come up with a good game plan. What he did against Phili was pretty sweet, so yeah we have a good chance. Let’s run the ball and the clock and see if we can pressure them a bit on the road. Need the crowd noise as well.

I voted No, but then I didn’t expect them to go beat the Pats last year either. It comes down to game plan and execution IMHO. Patricia can come up with a pretty good game plan, but the Lions have to execute it almost to perfection. You can’t give a good team any breaks, and so far the Lions haven’t executed consistently well.

In Matts we trust!

Mathews Hero’s!! Positive vibes baby!!

Williams is a castoff from Miami. He’s not a dynamic back. I’d rather have him playing.

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A seven or less point loss is a win in my book. Tells me that we may just belong. Face it, KC MAY be the the new NE,

My head says no, but my heart says yes.

I was in Munich yesterday enjoying October Fest…so my head is a little fuzzy anyways. So screw it, I voted yes.

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They can. Going to have to probably be +2 in TO margin

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