Chris Spielman says

But what does he know anyway…


I loved Spielman as a player. I love him as a broadcaster. His opinion on front office, coaching staffs and player personnel means nothing to me. He literally has the same experience and knowledge that Matt Millen did. He has a right to his opinion though.


I would imagine if they lose on T-day, PP would be out as DC. It would be rash to do get rid of BQ and MP at this current stage.


He knows more then ANYONE on this board does. Don’t have to like his decision but I am sure ot is more informed then yours or mine…agree with it or not!


As Linebusy pointed out in another thread…he has a lot of discussion on the topic on his twitter

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Opinions are like…

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But even so…some people’s opinions are based on a lot more experience and insight than other’s


Spielman’s opinions come from a place of knowledge and humility. He’s credentialed enough that if you find yourself of an opposing opinion, you probably need to check yourself. (Saying that to myself more than anyone as one of Quinn’s more vocal critics.)


I wish Patricia would hire Spielman as his DC, and let Chris run the show on that side of the ball!


Spielman on this very same twitter account said Matt Patricia is the DC.

So if you believe that Spielman is correct here you also have to also believe thay Paul P isn’t the problem with the defense.

Its hilarious to me that just 7 days ago Chris said Patricia was DC and the Patricia defenders didn’t post in that thread but y’all lighting this one up with responses and likes.

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It takes time to change the culture of the this losing franchise and it is a fact that both Quinn and Patricia are learning on the job and gonna make mistakes. But that doesn’t mean they can’t get it done.

I am glad my first boss didn’t look at my first year on the job and decide what I was capable of because I proved to be way better at my job in years 3 and beyond than I was in years 1 and 2.

Personally I am not in favor of blowing it all up and even with our losses I see a completely different mindset that the teams that used to roll over and quit at the fist sign of trouble. We are losing one score games. Things need to get fixed but we are in every game even with Stafford out. That is not something I would have expected prior to this leadership


Love Spielman, great players and knows his stuff. But the bottom line is, you gotta produce Ws and the Lions ain’t doing it. They got some decent young players on the rise though.


Sneaker, how often have I spoken up regarding my opinion on why things are the way they are? I don’t think it is necessary to comment on every single comment that is made complaining about the defense or this season. Chris Spielman said MP “won’t fire himself”…what is to argue or complain about in that comment? I don’t think, but it really doesn’t matter what I think, that PP is the issue with the defense…but there is going to be a call for a change and the DC position is the most logical place to make that change. I don’t think MP is the issue with the defense either…but it seems the only acceptable answer to some here is that Patricia is in over his head, he is a fraud, the hoodie was the DC in New England and MP sucks…did I miss one?


I don’t know that for a fact. He does what we do. Watches football games and comments on them. Hell, there are fantasy football nerds that probably know more than some of the guys up in the booth.

He also happened to play in the NFL and work under NFL coaches.

I am pretty sure you didn’t so he doesn’t just “do what we do” He does what we do with a lot more insight


This explains a lot.



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Everything you say he did, you can say about Matt Millen. When push came to shove, Millen didn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground regarding the game of football 20 years after he played.

That is true. Doesn’t mean Chris Spielman = Matt Millen.

Bill Belichick and Rod Marinelli were both Coordinators then Head Coaches in the NFL but that doesn’t make them equal

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