Cleveland Guardians instead of Cleveland Indians


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Guardians of the Fallacy

Meh. It’s tough to not sound like a minor league team nickname though.

The Guardians-Angels series will be fun though.


Time for the Browns to change their name


In a linear move there will be a buyback of all Major League movies and DVD’s. You will receive exactly $1.06 cents per copy.

What the hell is the world coming to.

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Guardians of 5th place in the AL Central.

Pretty lame name. I like the Cleveland Flames, named after their river.

I like the name change. It will be easier for the talking heads too, because of the similarity of the two nicknames their muscle memory won’t be as affected.

And let me say right now, that if any of the Detroit Sports teams decided to change their nickname, I wouldn’t have a problem with it, as long as it was a cool nickname.

I voted for Steamers but apparently they didn’t listen to me.


What if they played against the Galaxy?
Guardians Galaxy. :wink:
Wrong sport…reach…but still, i have to go for that shit.


Well, the good news is that now no one will ever be offended again. Now everyone will be happy and done whining.


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There was a baseball team in Cleveland called The Spiders back around 1900. That they didn’t bring that name back will haunt me forever. They had a golden opportunity, and they named the team after some dumbass statues on a bridge instead.


The Cleveland Steamers, hahaha this had me laughing way too much in public. Thx for that one @wesleysh21. I’m going to call them the Steamers moving forward.

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LOL - Love that

Really wish they would.

Guardians is a pretty lame name. Spiders would have been OK. Rocks or Rockers would have been good.
Cleveland Rocks


Cleveland Rocks is the best of all possibilities. Good recommendation.

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I would have preferred The Cleveland Lakeisonfire