Colts benching Matt Ryan for Sam Ehlinger

They’ve really ruined their window trying to plug in vet QB options. They’d have been better off using those picks to trade up.


I agree with you. Never thought highly of the QBS they tried…

Does anyone remember what assets they gave up? And who do you personally think they should have traded up for?

Ill be honest

Reich hasnt been good, and his vying for Wentz has put his ass on the hot seat

but Ballard is likely gone too, again great drafter, but holy shit i think he cant play FA worth shit

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I heard the den wants Goff out. Trade ryan a 2nd and 5th for Goff. Then we tank. Jk btw

Well it depends when they would have done it, but they definitely could have offered us a package the year we took Okudah to leapfrog Miami and LAC to pick one of Tua or Herbert. They’d be in a better spot with both those guys IMO but especially Herbert.

I doubt they could have gotten Lawrence the next year but Mac Jones? There was nobody last year worth doing it so you’re right they haven’t exactly had a lot of options, but that’s usually the way it is in hindsight. Without the benefit of hindsight you have to go and at least try and get your guy.

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7th starting qb for reich since 2018

fucking brutal

The Colts felt like their window was right now, like the Rams. So they were looking for their Matt Stafford with a superman cape to come in and take them to the promise land immediately. They didn’t want to draft and develop a guy and miss their window.

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Don’t feel too bad for them they had 20+ years of Manning and Luck.


And now they’ve had 4+ years of bad luck.


I’m hoping the Packers are next. 30 years of Farve and Rodgers. They need 30 years of bad luck now.


Ryan really is “past it”.
Goff may be available next year.

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It has to be rough to be a Colts fan. They haven’t won a single playoff game since January of 2019. Ouch!


if they arent fired

i wouldnt be shocked if they go uber desperate for him lol

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Oh I understand the logic, teams do it all the time when they think they’re “ready to win now” (or have a FO that has to win now to keep their jobs, like the Panthers). But more often than not it turns out like this. To me it’s far better to try and get yourself a franchise guy. Nobody’s really very good at predicting when a window is open anyway.

Take the Bills for instance, they made the playoffs McDermott’s first year then drafted Josh Allen because they knew without a QB it wasn’t sustainable. Maybe you could argue they weren’t ready to win now, but they were coming off a playoff appearance.

yeah which is why after the brisett year

they should have drafted a QB, bringing phillip rivers for the 1 year

but then they trade their 1st for Deforest Buckner which

kinda shot that plan to shit

I think the Bills are a good example that a team can win games and STILL get their franchise QB in the draft. I’m not sure when so many fans started thinking a team has 0 shot at a franchise QB if they don’t have the worst record in the league.

Yeah, Chiefs and Texans did the same as well. But they all did require trade-ups.

They had the #13 pick in 2020…
so they would have needed to give up at least 2
more 1st round picks to get Tua or Herbert….

and then the defense wouldn’t have Buckner or Kwity Paye.

They had bad timing with Luck’s retirement….
and then got stuck between being too good to not draft a stud QB…. and not quite good enough to be a contender.


dare i say it

could have went for love and sit him behind a year behind rivers