Common sense…

Winning at least 1 more game likely locks us in at #3 spot, and at this point it’s what I’d predict.

I’ve been advocating to consider trading down and adding a 2nd, and maybe a 1st next year in the process.

I love Hutch, but if I weren’t a Michigan fan living in Michigan, I’m not sure it would be so cut and dry. Kyler Murray was a risk to play baseball and a few months later he went before Bosa 2.0…. Burrow was a Buckeye nobody knew existed, and 18 months later he was breaking records at LSU in route to giving ahead of Chase Young.

I’d say the OSU game put Hutch in the Bosa or Chase Young conversation, but I’m not sure total body or work or size/power/speed metrics are quite the same…?

Bottom line, if we were told week one that we’d go 1-16 and draft Aiden Hutchinson #1, there would have been ZERO supporting that outcome. Once we gave up on Lions seasons, and saw Michigan and Hutch exceed expectations, it was inevitable the fantasy of Hutch staying in state would start to stick.

Evan Neal, an ascending QB, a freak show workout by Thibz are all possible ways the Jags and Texans go a different direction than Hutch. It’s possible.

However if he does go, and Thinz #2, the. The top LT and QBs will both be available.

Trade down!!!

Get to #8-9 add a 2nd, later pick and 1 or 2 next year.

  1. D Lloyd-MLB
  2. Burks/J Williams- WR
  3. Drake Jackson- Edge
  4. Jahan Dotson- WR or David Bell WR
  5. FS
  6. CB
  7. OG
  8. OG
  9. DT

Or just take Hamilton one of the better players in this draft and plug that safety spot, BPA fills a big need!


I think Devin Lloyd is a better player than Hamilton.

I’m just scooping up the extra kicks in the process

If this season didn’t happen, but this season did happen. And Hutch didn’t even have a season the year before. Argument is illogical. And taking a safety with top 3 is worse than taking a TE in the top 10. Too SOL for my liking.

I think we’re gonna be disappointed with how this FO approaches the linebacker position. The Rams used fewer resources on LB than perhaps any other position. A lot of FOs are like that, LB is the RB of the defense.


He’s my TJ Watt, Aaron Donald, J Taylor, of this draft…

When a player has every single attribute, athletic metric, massive production 2-3 years in a row, and leadership…. It typically translates at the next level

I do like Hamilton a lot, but not at #3…. I’m biased against safeties and tight ends top 10. History would support that…

Right now are DBs are playing great. I drafted free agents. How about we retain Walker, pay Marcus Williams to play FS, draft a guy rd 3, and I bet we are set.

Get Okudah, Jacobs back - draft a CB in 3…. Set.

Right now we have Barnes alone at LB- Anal and JRM (hope we resign) are free agents.

7-8M per for T Walker
13M per fir Marcus Williams.
This fixes safety with 2 guys whose play is complimentary. 26 year old. Willians very familiar with DC and AG…

This draft is robust with edge guys and WRs in late 1 early 2…. Fill our biggest hole around #8-10

I think Hutch will test better than either of the Bosas. He won’t be quite as fast as Chase Young. Chase Young is a 1 trick pony though. So you’re getting a guy who plays like the Bosas but is more athletic than either of them and approaching Chase Young. He’ll be better than all 3 of them IMO.

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Not a sole would have said that in September. Zero people.

He only played 2 games the year before. I’d have to go back to 2019 to really find another meaningful season to look at. Are you going to take Thibs before him? Only if you don’t watch college football and just like listening to talking heads and looking at mock drafts.

Would I like it if he had 3 straight seasons of 14 sacks? Sure I guess I would. But he doesn’t. He does have the latest season where he has 14 sacks though and was an absolute monster in every game he played down the stretch. I can’t figure out if he gets discredited because he’s a local kid or what, but if his name was Thibedeaux and he played for Oregon people would be circle jerking over him because he’s twice the player that joke is.


What would they be saying about Thibs if he didn’t have last season? His this season wasn’t much to crow about.

I agree as long as Hutchonson put on more muscle

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I mean…this is …
100 percent yes GIF by MOST EXPENSIVEST

ILB are not valued very high defensive-wise. They are frequently swapped out on passing downs for an extra CB or S. That said, I’ve seen Utah’s Lloyd several times this year on the Left Coast. He’s a 4-Down playmaker, possessing great instincts, quickly diagnosing plays, with good lateral speed and pass coverage traits. His closing speed is phenomenal, tackling runners behind the LOS frequently. Lloyd is definitely a defensive player the offensive coordinator of the opposing team would have to account for every game.

IMO, Lloyd is the Best LB in this 2022 Draft. He can play all 3 LB positions, too. Lions can get their Safety ( Mich’s Hill or PSU’s Brisker) at the top of the 2nd. Grab the BPA WR with the Ram’s Pick wherever it shakes out in the 1st Round.

All said, Hutch is still my Favorite Pick with the Lions 1st Pick (If available)…You can’t go wrong with either S Hamilton or ILB Lloyd in a tradedown scenario. Lions still need a stud DT and Leal is the Best of this group, whom I would consider if the Lions acquired 2 Top 10 Picks. Just sayin.


Perfectly stated…

MLB isn’t really that impactful unless a team has a great one…

Ray Lewis
Brian Urlacher
James Farrior
T Bruschi
Jon Vilma
Patrick Willis
Luke Keuchly
Lavonte David
Bobby Wagner

I remember that SB runs of all these teams, and the 120-160 tackle, 2-6 sacks, 1-5 int seasons full of TFL and intense leadership.

I agree that Ed Reed, Polamalu, Eric Reid, Rodney Harrison, M Jenkins, A Winfield jr, E Thomas… all made major impacts too, albeit secondary impacts.

Those mlbs dominated more and longer.

Agree completely with this. Been hearing a lot of similar talk.

Hamilton is a huge need and might be BPA when picking 2-5.

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Actually, that isn’t true. Several people in my circle have been talking about him for 12 months. Perhaps casual fans would be like “wtf” but scouts and hardcore football people have have known about him.

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So have I. Watched every snap. Some twice!

Just never thought surefire #1OA til last 3-4 games

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Aiden is the closest thing to a watt in this draft. Has a long way to go to get to their level but he is the closest thing.

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Okay, great. But like you said, zero people would think 1OA in September and I’m saying zero is an extreme. There were people saying he was on the radar for first overall. NFL folks for sure were talking about him that early, why? Bc two of my buddies are NFL guys and they told me they expected Hutch to be there….NOW one of my buddies is a UofM alumni and he is very hard on Michigan players…overly critical so he didn’t agree with 1 overall personally but agreed people in general would have him there if he had a good season. The other buddy isn’t a Michigan man and he didn’t take a microscope to the kid in the same way……I tend to lean to my Michigan alumni buddy.

Well he’s not going up against Myles Garrett and Joe Burrow. I mean the top of this draft is junk. I’m thankful Aiden is in it because at least it gives me someone to hope for.

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