Comparing ryan broyles and germaine crowell injury to jameson williams

broyles i belive was a second round pick coming after acl injury , never looked good . Germaine crowell i think was second round too. Crowell had a great rookie season, he never looked good after the injury too.

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I will make this simple for you true fact not made up Braylon Edwards on Woodward Sports said he tore his ACL an the following year made All Pro In case you didn’t know his name he was a NFL WR. This happened 2006

Edwards had surgery in the offseason, and, while rehabilitating, bonded with Kellen Winslow II. Both were determined to make a full and speedy recovery.Edwards, like Winslow, had a successful rehabilitation that enabled him to be ready to play in the team’s opening game in 2006.
Edwards had a breakout season in 2007 and made his first Pro Bowl You can read more I will also point out that the operation is made huge advancements
You don’t like Lions GM that’s fine but keep the BS reasons to yourself

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Edwards example is not good . He was never a good wr in nfl , nobody feard him. He was just a good college player

Rookie seasons of WRs not named Calvin Johnson or Roy Williams who played for the Lions:

22 catches 310 yards, 14.1 ypr, 2 TDs–Ryan Broyles

21 catches 221 yards, 10.8 ypr, 0 TDs

25 catches 464 yards, 18.6 ypc, 3 TDs

3 catches 39 yards, 13.0 ypr, 1 TD

11 catches 135 yards, 12.3 ypr, 0 TDs

18 catches 201 yards, 11.2 ypr, 0 TDs

29 catches 455 yards 15.7 ypr, 2 TDs

While Broyles couldn’t stay healthy, to say he “never looked good,” is simply not a factual statement. Broyles was a good route runner who got open.

More like he doesnt fit the narrative you are pushing so he doesnt count right troll. Okay what qbout kenan allen, allen robinson, jordy nelson, etc all came back from acl injuries as or more productive than they were before they tore it. What about adrian peterson who tore his acl and came back to immediately break 2k yards.


Broyles tore his other ACL his rookie year. So not the same injury. That was a bad time for Lions receivers, with Burleson on IR from losing his pizza and Titus Young on the bench for losing his marbles

Crowell also had a torn patella and broken foot metatarsal so it wasn’t just an ACL.


Titus Young isn’t on that list simply because I forgot about him.

48 catches for 607 yards, 12.6 ypr, 6 TDs

Roy Williams was

54 catches for 817 yards, 15.1 ypr, 8 TDs (he was not a bust)

Calvin Johnson was

48 catches 756 yards, 15.8 ypr, 5 TDs (4 receiving; 1 rushing)

If you want to go in the really way back machine

Richard Johnson was

64 catches, 727 yards, 11.4 ypr, 6 TDs his rookie season

which looking at them all makes Amon-Ra St. Brown’s rookie season all the more remarkable:

90 catches for 912 yards, 10.1 ypr, 6 TDs (5 receiving; 1 rushing)

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Always trying to troll with nonsense

Its possible that Jamo is injury prone, but that is hard to predict. I don’t think one ACL defines him as injury prone.

Also, Jamo is not anywhere close to the same type of WR as Broyles or Crowell. Not sure if you were going that direction, or just stating he is injured like them. Jamo is a speed merchant. And yeah, honestly I do worry about his frame holding up but he’s ran back kicks and been a gunner - I think he’ll hold up.

I always thought the late 90s Lions were absolutely tragic in that they lost Reggie Brown, Bryant Westbrook, Germaine Crowell, and David Sloan to either horrrific injuries or injuries that really took away signficantly from the players they were pre-injury. That could have been a much different team.,

I have always admired how Colbert drafts. He wasn’t running thing in Detroit but he was a significant part along with Ron Hughes


Totally forgot about Germaine Crowell…blast from the past. I was super high on him, never worked out.

I went back this weekend and watch a ton of Jameson Williams. Curious question, if he is as fast as I am led to believe, how did he not break into the rotation at Ohio St.?

At first I thought… why would one post this?? Then…oh. Because of course…


They have a truly amazing WR room. I mean you could argue that he deserved to start, but Olave and Garrett Wilson were already entrenched. Then Ohio State let him know after the Spring Game 2021 that Jaxon Smith-Ngiba was going to eat into his playing time some. That is when he transferred. Wilson and Olave were drafted before him, and JSN will probably go top 10ish.

I think if Olave would have went pro the year before, Williams would have stayed and had a terrific year for them.


That could have been a matter of scheme or simply coaching preferences. He was sitting behind 3 other first round draft picks after all.

Exactly. He’s also using an example in Crowell that was 20 years ago. Medicine has advanced a bit in that time. That’s almost like asking why gayle sayers was never the same player after tearing up his knee.

even worse… it was an Achilles… in 2013 before recent rehab advancements.

HSV can weigh in, but IMO, JSN was better than either Wilson or Olave. The game he had against a very good Utah defense was like Calvin Johnson vs the Cowboys in 2013 (the Antonio Bryant pre-same mouthoff game)

Thing is, even looking at the great Utah game, he doesn’t look as fast as Jameson Williams

CJ Stroud looks really good by the way–like a No. 1 overall pick in 2023.

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Forgot about that one. So ACL in college. Other ACL his rookie season. Then achilles year three.