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It’s telling that Az is celebrating a tie, while Lions Nation is seeing red.
We expect better. We demand better. We are done accepting garbage!


To be fair, they were the worst team in the league last year. They started a brand new rookie QB. They have a new coaching staff. Their secondary didn’t dress for the game. They made a big come back and sacrificed a tie out of it. It makes sense that they would feel ok after that game. They have just started their new era. The Lions on the other hand are in year 4 of their new era and collapsed against one of the easiest teams on their schedule.


I have to go with bringing of yr 2 era to be fair imho… BQay have been here for four… out coaches haven’t


Well, he had a coach that went 9-7 in the first 2 years and he said that wasn’t good enough. So, he handpicked the new coach who is now 6-10-1. Not to mention, our “franchise QB” is in year 11, so that part was already handled for him. Sorry, you don’t get to reset the clock because of decisions YOU make. It’s year 4.

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If we beat the chargers is all forgiven? I believe most people had us beating the Cardinals and losing to the Chargers.

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Im willing to bet a beer that the chargers win decidedly

Nope. In order to be a playoff team the Chargers game was one of those 50/50 games that you needed to win. It will for sure buy the fans a little more time, no doubt. On the other hand, if they lose this next home game, I will go on record declaring the season over. They would basically have to go 10-4 in their last 14 games to accomplish any goals, and I absolutely do not see that happening. It’s a must win.

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So why do the Cardinals get to restart the clock?

It would be too funny if we become the first ever team to have a tie two games in a row!!! That would be the shit in my book!!

Entire new staff and a brand new rookie QB. We have the same owner, same GM, same 30 million dollar QB here for many years. We swapped out just the head coach, like we do every few years, and get the same results. If we had not extended Stafford and started a rookie last year under Patricia, restarting the clock would make sense. 95% of the pieces here are the same especially the major pieces, other that Fatricia.

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It’s the same owner and same GM for the Cardinals that made horrible decisions to make them the worst team in football. They even have a rookie QB because they screwed up the QB pick last year.

Theres no way in hell they get to restart the clock.

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Well, I think they get a little more leeway at least. We have a GM who fired a coach with a winning record, then hired a coach with no track record. Then forced that coach to retain an offensive coordinator. Who then fired the OC. Just scapegoat after scapegoat.

The Cardinals went back to back top draft picks on QB’s. That in itself is a testament that they aren’t going to just stick with the QB because they invested a pick into him, like we did with Stafford. They admitted their faults, licked their wounds and tried again. Then took another top QB and hired a new coaching staff and are developing a completely different philosophy.

We never really fix anything here or even try to. Extend a GM who has done nothing. Extend a QB to the richest deal after accomplishing nothing. They are trying to start over. We keep rewarding failure. Our team is much further along in the “process”, yet we tied a team that completely bottomed out last year. Awesome.

No division titles, no playoff wins (0-2), and a 4-25 record against teams with winning records cost Jim Caldwell his job.

Yeah, you can pretty much use figures like that for every coach in Lions history, including the clown we have now. Other than that Pats game last year, which was a complete unicorn of a game, we haven’t beaten any team with a winning record, while losing to 3 of the worst teams in the NFL last year. At least Caldwell did fairly well against garbage teams. Patricia has not.

That would be a rarity. Between 1970 and 1974, just before OT was instituted, not many teams had 2 or more ties in a season:

1970 Oakland Raiders 8-4-2
1970 San Diego Chargers 5-6-3
1970 Kansas City Chiefs 7-5-2
1970 Atlanta Falcons 4-8-2
1971 Green Bay Packers 4-8-2
1971 New Orleans Saints 4-8-2
1971 Oakland Raiders 8-4-2
1973 Cleveland Browns 7-5-2
1973 Kansas City Chiefs 7-5-2
1973 Denver Broncos 7-5-2
1973 Green Bay Packers 5-7-2

Sure they do. Just keep talking out of both sides of your mouth and move the goalposts each time you provide a poor example.

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In 2000, Gary Moeller was 2-2 against teams with winning records.

first damn game of the season and it’s “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!” It’s like watching Alice In Wonderland over and over here each and every season ! Patricia has barely got a chance @ HC here and is being labeled already as a POS. how many season did Bill B get before He was named a great HC?

and who would have thought Decker would just about get himself thrown off the team with his pathetic play game ONE !? Caldwell?? he was a meat head here, how many times did he mess up while HE was HC !? how many playoffs and bowls did HE get the Lions? I seem to remember looking like a team that had no idea wtf they were doing until after halftime…over and over again…Stafford saved his ass from being fired sooner than he was , by all those comeback wins in the 4th quarter…for how many games that season??? games we ‘would-have lost’ under Caldwell. But Stafford did not quit and bought him more wins. AND IF our o-line showed up , we should be able to run or pass at will against our opponents . game one all the bugs are supposed to be fixed ?? based off what?

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This certainly didn’t help:

Neither did this:

The Lions just tied the team that picked first in the draft who had their starting secondary in street clothes. This after a season that took a huge step backwards. Why should anyone be positive about that?

Patricia took over a team that was “too talented” to “only” go 9-7, was gifted a running game, and managed to poop his pants with it. He then followed up by blowing the easiest game on the schedule the following year.

Let’s stop the Belichick comparisons. At this point, it’s looking like it’s more realistic to compare Patricia to Crennel, Weis, or Mangini.