D’Andre Swift: the homecoming king behind the Eagles’ undefeated start

Swift game log through first 5 with Eagles:

Swift 2022 game log with Lions:

Contract year improved performance? Check.

Lead RB in Philly vs back up to Jamaal Williams? Check.

Running QB who defenses have to account for? Check.


But you know he really sucks and is injury pron and only doing well because of Philly’s Oline. Well that what I here anyway


Those statements are not mutually exclusive. In order to help you out I’ve provided a picture.


I think i can firmly say that he was never going to be the lead back here with this staff. 3 games out of five this year he has carried the ball 15 or more times. He did that once all of last year amd once all of 2021.

Guy continuously was banged up here even with limited touches. He requested a trade and it is working out for him, good for him. I am happy with dmont and the potential of gibbs.


Up to this point in his career, he hasnt been injury prone? News to me.


Sounds like this staff didn’t know how to use him and they seem to be having have same problem now with Gibbs.

Maybe, but when.you see the lions rushing for 13 yards more per game so far this year and on track for similar point production from the ground game… i ask does it still matter? Gibbs has shown a better balance through contact and a willingness to run inside which is more than i saw from swift here.

Maybe he didnt want to be here, maybe the staff didnt know how to use him… perhaps it just really doesnt matter anymore and both the player and the team seem to be better for the split.


Well we’re winning and have a strong run game so maybe it don’t matter, but if that’s the case it’s not a great endorsement for use of the 12th pic. I would like to see them lean on him alittle more especially in the pass game. If they can get him the ball in space he would improve most likely . They have did a poor job of that imo.

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That i will agree with, you take gibbs at 12 due to him being a mismatch as a receiver and a guy that can line up outside, in the slot, or in the backfield. He should be getting 10 or so carries and 5 or more targets as a receiver.

I felt like they were going that way until the drop in the seattle game. Since then i have been less than enthused by the route tree they have ran with him. Now he needs to get healthy and get back on the field, i still have a lot of hope for him in that regard.


I hope Deandre Swift leads the NFL in rushing so when we beat them in the playoffs we still have something to b*tch about


Don’t worry about that. This board is collectively the Mozart of bitching.


Let’s see what Swift does when they really need him. Can we a least admit they really could be winning without Swift?

Soon there will be cold games, offensive linemen hurt, Swift himself nicked up…let’s see how he does before we crown him.

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Lol it’s a message board were you talking about good and bad. Anytime you question any move or players you get the your bitching. I think your just sore at some because Gibbs sure hasn’t been what you claimed. You were one that kept talking about his wr skills is what sperated him. Witch hasn’t pan out yet. I know it will be its only 5 games.

As defense adjust to stop Swift, I suspect his production will more of a reversion to his mean.

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Am I not part of the collective, @Tcmouse?

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Swift having this success should not be surprising. He was always a solid to very good player who had trouble staying healthy. He literally went to the best RB situation in the NFL and has managed to stay healthy. Plus he has the motivation of being in a contract year for his hometown team. With that said, the only way Swift is an Eagle in 2024 if he keeps this up is by franchise tag.


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Yeah, yeah.
Injury in 3,2,1.

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Exactly. We all predicted this would happen in the offseason thread. Literally like 100% of us. So why is everyone so worked up over it?

Gibbs being average so far is a separate issue that has nothing to do with Swift, just like Goff’s performance has nothing to do with Stafford. It’s the fan who gets it in their mind that “if we didn’t have this guy we’d have this other” and starts throwing out what-ifs, and what-ifs live in the past. What if I held on to that GameStop stock? What if I didn’t tear up my knee in high school? What if my dad didn’t forget to pull out?


I go back to this staff tries to make everyone a complete and versatile player. They don’t like one-trick ponies as those tricks get accounted for and the weaknesses of those players get exploited.

There are plenty of staffs that will ride that one trick pony as long as they can. This staff doesn’t do it.

We know gibbs and jamo can run reverses and screens where they dont have to think or catch too much and can just use their speed. Instead they are trying to get them to be a complete player.

Does that mean they “don’t know how to use them” or just do they just want a different, slower, more sustainable path for them?