D’Andre Swift: the homecoming king behind the Eagles’ undefeated start

Had a good game with 12 carries for 76 yards and 1 rushing TD vs a tough defense.

Good game. Not All Pro good.

Do want to steal that screen play and run it for Gibbs though. It’s almost like the screen equivalent of a counter. You feign swing pass and then snap it off for a middle screen. Tough to defend.

Speaking of All Pro good (though he won’t make All Pro), since returning from injury in week 7 Gibbs is:

4th in the league in rushing
2nd in YPC
T2nd in TDs among RBs
3rd in receptions by a RB
4th in receiving yards by a RB
T1st in 1st down receptions by a RB

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Monty obviously missed 3 or 4 games…but he’s on pace for a career season too.

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Combined per game production:

146.4 ypg 5.03 YPC 1.73TDs per game


5.8 catches 45 yards per game 7.7 YPC

So prorated for a 17 game season they’re right around 3,250 yards from scrimmage.

That production doesn’t suck.


I think we have a decent shot at double 1000 yard backs

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Player in contact year puts up career best numbers. I have never seen that happen before! Pay that man!

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Here’s the problem, we already had Swift. We spent the 12th overall pick replacing a guy that didn’t need to be replaced when we could have been shoring up our defense instead. Gibbs has been just fine here but I’d argue it wasn’t the best use of resources.

Gibbs is way better than Swift. Way better…


OSU Is gonna lose.


man Gibby started late and still has 512 yards rushing at 5.2 yards per and another 259 receiving and 5 rushing TD’s “at this time”…pre Thanksgiving.2023.

people LOVE to blather on about how great Swift is in Philly or “now” , when it has nothing to do about what he ultimately did here in Detroit–playing part time due to injuries. lol OMG—He wasn’t King of shit here.


History we can’t do chit about but I’m laser focused on what this team is doing or WILL-do, not on a former player on another team dog .

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Well you’re definitely an outlier among Lion fans.


I feel the opposite.
Gives is improving with every game… And already, and looking with the eye test, looks better than swift

I think he is right but I also think you are right that Gibbs is improving every week.

Looking beyond this year, this year as well, I like this duo better than Swift and J Williams and it’s not close.

Kalimbust E

Yup. Ceiling matters a ton when bringing rooks in

Sure am looking forward to seeing bro-mart and Campbell improving.

The big difference is we got Monty for 3 years and Gibbs for 5. Swift was leaving in free agency come 2024. So I get it from a business perspective. We should be set at RB for several years now.


That and Swift has proven to not be trust worthy.

Or consistent. As I noted, his October 1 though November 6 stretch was really pedestrian to below average production–reversion to the Swift mean.

MNF vs the Chiefs was more the deviation from the norm.