D’Andre Swift: the homecoming king behind the Eagles’ undefeated start

I want that screen pass in our arsenal. Fake the swing pass and break in for the interior screen. I’ve seen similar routes out of Gibbs but I don’t recall seeing it in conjunction with the blocking scheme Philly was deploying. Really nice play iMO. Basically the screen game equivalent of a counter.


Pre-supposing they don’t want a better culture fit.

We got a better culture fit, an upgrade, and a tough sob that will most likely be healthier.

Gibby is already an upgrade. Wait’ll you see him next year. You are comparing Gibby as a rook to swifty in his prime.

We upgraded in toughness, culture fit, and production. While saving a ton of cash.


He’s 3rd in the NFL in rushing.

His YPG average is 15% below David Montgomery. His YPG average is five yards behind Miles Sanders in 2022. He’s not performing like an All Pro.


He’s currently 4th in the NFL Rushing yards and 8th in attempts.

Two of the guys ahead of him.

Jacobs has 60 more attempts and played one more game than Swift.

McCaffery has 30 more attempts.

I think one could argue he’s having the second best season out of all RB’s behind McCaffery.

Last year the 4 RB’s to make the all pro team we’re Josh Jacobs , Las Vegas, Nick Chubb, Cleveland, Saquon Barkley, New York Giants, Derrick Henry, Tennessee

After a rather pedestrian 6 game stretch between October 1 and November 5, Swift has stepped up in the last two games against a high level of competition. He’s averaging 6 ypc.

If Swift reaches the open market, given that he will be only 25 years old with no history of a serious leg injury, he’s going to get paid–not 8 figures, but he could match or exceed Montgomery’s contract.

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Yep and then Swift will go back to his normal self and be hurt all time and play like shit


Just so we’re on the same page we are talking about AP All Pro, right? There are two. Those were Chubb and Jacobs last year. The other two were Sporting News which I didn’t even realize was still in business.

If so then he’d have to be in the top two bbacks in all likelihood. My guess is that’s currently McCaffrey and Mostert or Ettienne. Last year Chubb was 2nd team and he had over 1,500 yards rushing. Alvin Kamara. Going back five years the only two backs below that threshold were Zeke in 2018 (1,434) and Alvin Kamara in 2018 (932 rushing but nearly 1,700 APY and 21 TDs in 15 games).

Swift is on track for less than 1,200 yard rushing, 1,500 total yards and 8 total TDs.

That’s not All-Pro production in past years. Now maybe it’s just that down of a year. Or maybe he’ll go on a run here. Since i made my initial comment he has had his two best games in six weeks increasing his rushing out put by almost 20%. 600 rushing yards down the stretch would change my tune.

We’ll see but at his current rate of production he’s unlikely to be an AP All-Pro.

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To clarify I stated he’s playing like an ALL Pro … not that he would be one…. which I stated just 12 days ago and he’s clearly in the discussion.

He could do it. He could get hurt and fall short too. But I stand by my statement that he’s playing like one.

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And I stand by my initial point that his current production is 15% short of the usual All Pro RB thresholds.