D’Andre Swift: the homecoming king behind the Eagles’ undefeated start

I want that screen pass in our arsenal. Fake the swing pass and break in for the interior screen. I’ve seen similar routes out of Gibbs but I don’t recall seeing it in conjunction with the blocking scheme Philly was deploying. Really nice play iMO. Basically the screen game equivalent of a counter.


Pre-supposing they don’t want a better culture fit.

We got a better culture fit, an upgrade, and a tough sob that will most likely be healthier.

Gibby is already an upgrade. Wait’ll you see him next year. You are comparing Gibby as a rook to swifty in his prime.

We upgraded in toughness, culture fit, and production. While saving a ton of cash.


He’s 3rd in the NFL in rushing.

His YPG average is 15% below David Montgomery. His YPG average is five yards behind Miles Sanders in 2022. He’s not performing like an All Pro.